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We Are Not Chair Experts.

We confess. We are not chair experts. Or posture experts. Or design experts. But we are experts on finding innovative, creative and exciting ways to live long healthy lives. So here’s the deal. We found there was a problem in the way we were working. It is simply not possible for us to sit with poor posture for hours, days, weeks and years on end without coming across health issues, so we started looking for answers. We wanted to create a product that helped us improve our posture and our health that could also be easily integrated into the modern office space. We weren’t looking to reinvent the wheel- we didn’t want to ask people to completely change the way...

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Posture and Communication.

Our posture (the way we sit, stand, and walk) is the first way we communicate anything about ourselves. Even before we have a chance to open our mouths, our stance and the energy we emit with our physical body is out there in the world for people to take in and assess. Are you happy, stressed, tired, angry? It’s likely the rest of the world is already getting a strong sense of what’s going with you internally before you open your mouth to tell us. So what happens once we do open our mouths? The body houses the voice and its state of repair in all aspects of its condition and functions are directly reflected in the breath and voice....

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The Essential Warm-Up.

The source of tension can come from anywhere.   Below is a series of exercises designed by acclaimed vocal coach Patsy Rodenburg to reduce tension in all areas so that you can have the best starting position from which to work every day. During all physical exercises which follow, remember to breathe regularly. Breathing is the key to all voice work. All exercises should be gently worked enough. You should experience no stress, discomfort or effort in the exercises. After each exercise release naturally, never controlling that release. You have nothing to prove or punish yourself over. Always do the work for yourself and in your time. I find that everyone must work at their own level and rhythm. As...

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Human Ergonomics.

We often find ourselves searching for tools and furniture to make our lives more ergonomic. We believe the answer to our aches and pains is a more efficient workstation -and heck yes! It’s definitely going to help, BUT the truth of the matter is that it’s only going to partially help. Most often the missing piece of the puzzle is how we actually use our bodies- you could have the most ergonomic workspace in all the land, but if you’re not using your body correctly it’s not going to be of much value to you. I’m sorry if this is a tough pill to swallow…. But to quote the King of Posture himself, Frederick Matthias Alexander (the creator of the...

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