I've heard about shin pain with kneeling chairs, how does your chair help with that?

It can sometimes take a few days for your body to become used to your new kneeling chair. We recommend keeping your old chair close by for the first little while. Start slow, maybe 30 minutes at first, and work your way up. Just know that any tenderness in your shins or knees is temporary, it’s just your body becoming accustomed to being used in a different way. 

This looks complicated, how do I get in and out of it?

It’s true, it looks a little intimidating, but it’s really very simple, and remember: there is no right or wrong way to get in and out of it! Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and secure.  You can back into it like a regular chair and put your knees into place after you’ve sat, or you could step over it and sort of squat down onto the seat. For a more visual explanation, head over to our website and watch our assembly videos. If you fast forward to the end there is footage of someone sitting down in the chair.


What type of wheels are on your chairs?

It depends on the model you have! Our Atlanta, Milan and Tokyo have rolling casters that you would find on most typical office chairs, with breaks on the back two wheels. Our LA and San Diego models come with rollerblade style wheels. The rollerblade wheels don’t have breaks but roll effortlessly over any floor type, including carpet.



Why should I use a kneeling chair?

The health benefits are seemingly endless with a kneeling chair. The most important thing to note is the open hip angle the seat puts you in automatically. This acts as a chain reaction, placing your lower back in a natural, comfortable position that works its way up your back. You’ll feel the tension release from your shoulders, neck and back almost immediately. Keeping your spine healthy is the key to overall, long-term health. Now that you’re comfortable you’ll also find yourself focused for longer periods of time getting more done in your day.


Do the Sleekform chairs fit a standard desk?

If you are between 5’5” and 6’5” you’ll find you'll be very comfortable at any standard desk in either of our kneeling chairs.  All of our rolling models are also all adjustable so you can find the perfect height for your needs. The Austin and Amsterdam are unfortunately not adjustable so if you are shorter or taller than average you may prefer one of our adjustable seats.


How do I put my chair together?

Lost the instruction manual? Want a video assembly guide? No problem! Click here for a collection of our assembly videos or click here to email us for a PDF version of the manual.