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About Sleekform.

You have a right to be comfortable while you work. 

Finding a chair that *actually* helps with back pain that is affordable and looks good can feel like an impossible task. That’s where Sleekform comes in. 

You should never end your workday feeling sore or physically fatigued. You also shouldn’t have to be distracted by pain while you’re trying to be productive. We spend most of our day-to-day lives sitting and we believe that those hours should be enjoyed as much as possible. 

We’ve made it our mission to be your go-to spot for body-friendly, sleek AF, cost-efficient office furniture. We’re obsessed with kneeling chairs and the people who use them. We take every ounce of feedback we get from our customers and are constantly tweaking and re-working things. 

Normalize sitting at an angle! 

The traditional way of sitting has proven time and time again to not be comfortable or good for us, and yet we still seem to tolerate it and accept it as the status quo. It’s time we do away with hunching and crunching our spines. We all have so much going on, the last thing we need is chronic back, neck and hip pain. 

Most people think improved posture starts at the shoulders and works its way down, but really it starts at the hips and works its way up. The 120° angle of the kneeling chair seat keeps our hips open and core engaged which takes a ton of pressure off our lower back. Resting your shins on the knee pads takes even more pressure off the spine. 

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The Team.  

The Sleekform team is small, mighty and fully remote. Spanning across two countries and four time zones we work together, apart.