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From Our Founder: 

I cannot begin to count the number of awful chairs that I have spent some serious time sitting in throughout my life. I have lived and worked remotely for 3+ years, moving in and out of Airbnb's, co-working spaces, and coffee shops all around the world. I have sat in chairs on all 7 continents, and let me tell you- each one played a part in contributing to my chronic back pain. 

Except for the kneeling chair.  

I first became obsessed with kneeling chairs two years ago, and it was love at first sit.

When I moved back to the US (I am now posted up in Austin, TX), I decided I wanted my next mission to be to create the most ergonomic home work set up ever and to have it be at an accessible price point. Fast forward to today, and Sleekform has an entire line of kneeling chairs in various styles, the best space-saving folding table/desk, not to mention its endless free educational resources on creating an ergonomic home set up and how to's on curing pain caused by our sedentary lifestyles. 

Sleekform is a small team, and I plan on keeping it that way so we can continue to move quickly and not let anything bog us down.

I am committed to making Sleekform your trusty spot for all things ergonomics- whether it's physical products or digital content you're after I want to help you cruise through your workdays pain-free so you can think clearly and do more! 

Happy Sitting,

Our Mission

We believe in disruption.  We do not accept working in pain as the norm - we strive to disrupt the way we work 

We believe in the direct correlation between comfort and health, Work exists to provide us a livelihood and purpose.  Our goal is to assist by improving wellness in the workplace.

We believe in inclusivity.  Wherever you are, whoever you are, we have a chair for you. Do you work on the 50th floor downtown or remotely from home? Whether you are a CEO running a fortune 500 business or a college student cramming for a final exam.  Whether you are a new mother rocking your newborn or a crafter wanting to knit comfortably.  

We believe in this way of sitting.  Sleekform chairs can help reduce the pain and discomfort that arises from sitting in a traditional chair for an extended period of time.  Our sophisticated ergonomic design of each of our kneeling chairs position you with an open hip angle that encourages an effortless upright posture. The angled seat and knee pads place your thighs at an oblique angle providing a healthy curve in your lumbar spine, relaxed shoulders and an aligned neck. 

We believe in supporting you.  We don’t take being invited into your workspace and life lightly. We know we aren’t just providing you with a place to sit- we are providing you with an alternative for sitting that hasn’t always been available. We take a lot of pride in making these options accessible for everyone and providing unparalleled customer service. We spend several hours a week researching and reading about the science of ergonomics and updating our blog weekly with our findings.  

We are your one stop shop for helping you be your most productive, healthy, and happiest self.

Our name is Sleekform, and believe us, we’ve got your back.