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Who is Sleekform? | Get To Know Us!

As August continues to speed along, we are continuing our “back to basics” month on the blog. Already we’ve covered what components make up a kneeling chair and how to define ergonomics. This week we are so excited to step away from our typical blog posts and get a bit more personal...ouuu are you intrigued?!?!  It’s difficult when you’re an online business to create a genuine connection with your customers. If we were a brick and mortar store we’d be able to look each of you in the eye, have a good chat about our aches and pains and give you hands-on advice about which chair would best fit your needs. Being online definitely allows to have a wider reach...

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Ergonomics: A Chair By Any Other Name Couldn't Feel As Sweet.

We’ve been welcoming so many of you to our community of posture conscious party people for the first time over the last little while so I wanted to take this opportunity to go back to basics. For the month of August, I’ll be working to catch you all up to speed. If you haven’t had the chance yet you can read last week’s post all about what makes up a kneeling chair.  One thing I wanted to take the time to talk about this week is ergonomics. It’s one of those fancy-sounding buzz words that people love to throw around the office and the internet (hello!). There’s a lot of pressure placed on the word- a lot of people think...

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The Three Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Kneeling Chair.

We’ve been noticing that there have been a lot more eyes on our blog lately, so if you’re new to our Sleekform community- welcome! We’ve decided to spend the month of August going back to basics to make sure all our new posture conscious friends are up to date on what’s good in the world of ergonomics.  So, what better way to start than at the very, VERY beginning.  Let’s talk about what a kneeling chair even is... Now, for our more advanced posture peeps, this may seem like a #basic subject. You might be thinking “obviously I know what a kneeling chair is- you just have to look at one to know”... but do you REALLY know what makes...

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The Evolution (or lack thereof) Of The Chair.

At some point in history, people stopped trying to improve the chair. And by “improve” I don’t mean make cuter- we’ve got a lot of cute chairs. I mean make better. Ergonomically better. More comfortable. More body friendly.  We get a new version of the iPhone every six months and we line up for hours to get our hands on the most minor of updates, but we haven’t had innovation in sitting that’s made us all collectively “oooh and aaah” in a long time… or maybe ever. We use chairs just as much as we use our iPhones-in fact, it could be the one thing we use more than our phones. Even when we’ve designed different types of chairs that...

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Sitting Is Not The New Smoking: Sleekform Takes A Stand For Sitting.

As I was deciding what to write this for this week’s blog post I googled “Sitting is the new smoking”. This term has become pretty common place in the last five years and I was curious to know what people are saying about it today. Does it hold up- is sitting in fact the new smoking or has this theory been disproved?  The results of my quick google search were disturbing to say the least. It seemed like every hit on google were articles or video content whose main purpose was to scare the living daylights out of all of us.  Here are some of my top favorite pull quotes from the first page of google hits.: "Sitting is more...

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