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I’m Never Slouching Again: An Ode to Standing Posture.

Here’s a cold, hard, undeniable fact: Your posture follows you everywhere. I know it’s not groundbreaking stuff, but you may be surprised how many people DON’T read posture blogs and rarely think about their posture at all. Difficult to imagine, I know. Even if you are a posture conscious individual with the world’s most ergonomic work set up- at the end of the day, your posture rides the subway home with you, stands in line at the grocery store with you and comes with you to the park when you walk your pup. If we want to make a real change to our posture and back health that will actually stick, we have to be mindful of it throughout the...

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Sleep On It: How Are Your Sleeping Habits Affecting Your Posture?

I am a strong believer that a good sleep can cure just about anything. Colds, flus, injuries, headaches, bad days- the list goes on. “Sleep on it” is some of the most sage advice out there. Unsure about a big decision? SLEEP ON IT!  You’ll know what to do in the morning. There’s no doubt that sleep can cure pretty much anything, but have you ever thought about the harm you might be doing to yourself while you catch some z’s? Us either! Turns out the pose you slumber in can have a major impact on your slumber—as well as your overall health. Poor sleeping posture could potentially cause back and neck pain, fatigue, sleep apnea, muscle cramping, impaired circulation,...

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Yoga For Office Workers.

Yoga is an incredible tool to help with stretching sore muscles or strengthening under used muscles. A lot of the time when you start using one of our kneeling chairs for the first time it’s common to experience stiffness and discomfort. We know it’s not practical for everyone to bucket an hour of their day to get to the yoga study for a full practice (though if you do have the time, we 100% recommend that) so this week we’ve dedicated our blog post to breaking down some simple poses that are perfect for waking up the parts of the body that get abused and/or ignored when we sit and work all day long. You can do these poses by...

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Am I Going To Fall Out Of It? (And Other Sleekform FAQ's)

How Does It Work? People ask as this- usually as they tilt their head from side to side as if perhaps it’s upside down. Someone once asked, “Is it for exercise?” “How do you get into it?” they say, scrunching up their nose as if it’s something you might need a lengthy instruction manual for. “Go ahead!” I say. “Try it. How do you think it works?” Time and time again people skeptically climb into our kneeling chairs. There’s always a moment of brief hesitation. You can see just a glimmer of fear in their eyes. A look of “am I about to fall over?” comes over their faces. And time and time again they sit on it correctly, on...

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Tension Ninjas: A Body Scan Checklist.

It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, or where you live… tension can sneak up on you like a little ninja who’s one mission is to make life more stressful than it has to be.   Often, tension is a gradual build-up that we don’t notice until it’s evolved into injury or illness. It can negatively affect our comfort, our concentration, mental health and ability to rest. Tension is frequently developed from the repetition of certain habits and is more prominent when stress and exhaustion are also present. There are a number of things we can do to help us be more mentally and emotionally mindful of this, thus keeping stressful thoughts at bay.  Meditation, list making, talking it...

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