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Is It Possible to Design Your Dream Office And Stay On Budget?

I have very big news!  I’m about to move into a new apartment and for the first time in my life, I’m going to have a dedicated space for an office within my home which as a remote worker is very exciting! This move is a big step for me and as I prepare for the change I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to make sure my space will perfectly suit all my needs and help keep my productivity and happiness levels up while also not breaking the bank.  I’m equal parts excited and nervous about my new space - typically I go to co-working spaces or coffee shops to work. In the past when I have...

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Shop Like A Posture Expert: Our Top Product Ergo Accessories.

We’ve said it before and you and best believe we are saying it again today- one small ergonomic change will not cure you of all your discomfort. Our chairs are not a cure-all, but they are a great tool to help you get there- keyword being TOOL. If we look at our posture as an on-going project we are going to need a variety of different tools to help us out. Many hands make light work, as they say.  Obviously at the top of our list of ergonomic tools we love and are obsessed with is the kneeling chair (specifically a Sleekform, duh). If you still don’t understand the reason we all should be adding the kneeling chair to our...

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We Are Not Chair Experts: A Sleekform Confession.

Can you believe it’s the last week of August already?! Summer, as usual, has flown by and so has our “back to basics” month on the blog. We've covered everything from what you need to know when buying a kneeling chair to what the term ergonomics means and we even told you about ourselves! We hope to have provided anyone who wants the basics facts they need to start changing and improving their posture habits and everything they need to become more ergonomically mindful.  We are ending this month by revealing a bit of a secret about ourselves…. A confession, if you will. This is not an easy thing for us to say but... We are not chair experts. Or posture...

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Who is Sleekform? | Get To Know Us!

As August continues to speed along, we are continuing our “back to basics” month on the blog. Already we’ve covered what components make up a kneeling chair and how to define ergonomics. This week we are so excited to step away from our typical blog posts and get a bit more personal...ouuu are you intrigued?!?!  It’s difficult when you’re an online business to create a genuine connection with your customers. If we were a brick and mortar store we’d be able to look each of you in the eye, have a good chat about our aches and pains and give you hands-on advice about which chair would best fit your needs. Being online definitely allows to have a wider reach...

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Ergonomics: A Chair By Any Other Name Couldn't Feel As Sweet.

We’ve been welcoming so many of you to our community of posture conscious party people for the first time over the last little while so I wanted to take this opportunity to go back to basics. For the month of August, I’ll be working to catch you all up to speed. If you haven’t had the chance yet you can read last week’s post all about what makes up a kneeling chair.  One thing I wanted to take the time to talk about this week is ergonomics. It’s one of those fancy-sounding buzz words that people love to throw around the office and the internet (hello!). There’s a lot of pressure placed on the word- a lot of people think...

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