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Ergonomics and Wellness.

Although it’s often a subject of debate what the true meaning of ergonomics is(at least it is in our company Slack channel), at Sleekform we are strong believers that ergonomics does and should focus on designing tools, processes and conditions to assist our limitations and emphasize our capabilities. In general terms we view ergonomics as a design science. That being said, we are also strong believers that we can’t merely restrict the definition of ergonomics to only workplace issues... which we have a tendency to do. We know that is too narrow of a definition. If you check it from a design side, ergonomics is actually applicable to all sides of our human experience. However, the current market for ergonomics...

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Surviving The Right Angle Chair.

We understand that making the decision to invest in a new chair is an expensive one and something you likely want to  mull over and shop around for, for a long time. Not to mention the fact that you’re likely considering taking the leap into the kneeling chair world- it’s a big decision to decide to invest in something you’ve never tried before or have any idea if it will work for you and suit your needs. Don’t worry. We get it.

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Running Towards Good Posture.

Posture is not something we ever leave at home. We take it with us everywhere and having good posture is a part of our overall well being and contributes so much to our longevity. A particularly good yoga teacher once said to me “we are only as young as our spine”. That really resonated with me and comes back to me every time I try and come up with a lame excuse to skip a yoga class. I try to lead a pretty active lifestyle by doing yoga, hiking, travelling- but my ultimate favourite thing to do is run. Running keeps my mind calm and makes me feel strong and healthy, but it does come with some down sides. If...

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Do You Even Have Bad Posture??

The concept of “bad posture” versus “good posture” is hardly a new phenomenon. In a society designed to sit it’s a pretty hot topic that comes up regularly- especially in the workplace. We’ve been writing about different ways to fix posture issues and bad sitting habits for a few months now, but we haven’t really dug into how to properly identify what the bad habits actually are. How can you fix things you aren’t even sure are broken!! This week we’ve decided to put our detective hats on and figure out how to identify bad posture habits. Before we talk about the three most common “bad” posture habits let’s first let’s talk about some spine stuff. There are three really...

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You Snooze- You Improve!

We all know that sleep is the best time to rest and repair from the exhausting hustle of life, but did you know it is also a fabulous time to work on your posture? Let’s use all these hours we spend sleeping (or at least trying to sleep) to our advantage and get our posture working for us by the time we hit snooze for the 10th time. 1. | Pillows have got your back. No matter whether your a back, stomach, or side sleeper, adding pillows can help provide support. Basically, you want to add a pillow anywhere there's a space between your body and the mattress Stomach sleeper: Mmkay, so tbh, this is worst position for your back...

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