The Austin.

Move, rock and change position.

Perfect for people 5'1"-6'6".

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The Alpharetta.

Roll, customizable height + angle.

Seat angle adjusts from  91°-137°.

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The Amsterdam.

Lightweight + supportive.

Rock through your to-do list.

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 I have been looking for a new chair for my home office that would be more comfortable for sitting at the computer for many hours. I needed a chair that would help with my posture and keep me from slouching so much. This chair is exactly what I was looking for in an office chair." 

Elizabeth D.

This chair is very easy to assemble (less than 30 mins). It’s super comfortable. I work from home, and I split my time between a standup desk, an ergo chair, and now this beautifully made kneeling chair. I love it, and my back does, too!"

Jody C.

Love this chair- I have lumbar issues encompassing degenerative disc disease one bulging disc and a disc that herniated last year. I still shift and change positions often, but being able to sit at my desk allows me to get so much work done. My old standard desk chair caused a familiar back pain that made me scared I was going to herniate again. This however, is lovely."