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We've got a chair for everyone.

It doesn’t matter who you are- whether you work on the 50th floor downtown, or remotely from home. Whether you are a CEO running a fortune 500 business, a college student cramming for a final exam, or a new mother rocking your newborn. Or maybe you're simply looking to relieve the tension a regular chair puts on your neck and shoulders- whoever you are, wherever you are, we’ve got a chair for you.

Our Mission.

"So happy with the Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Chair. I have been looking for a new chair for my home office that would be more comfortable for sitting at the computer for many hours. I needed a chair that would help with my posture and keep me from slouching so much. This chair is exactly what I was looking for in an office chair." 

- Elizabeth

"This chair is very easy to assemble (less than 30 mins). It’s super comfortable. I work from home, and I split my time between a standup desk, an ergo chair, and now this beautifully made kneeling chair. I love it, and my back does, too!"

- Jody

"Love this chair- I have lumbar issues encompassing degenerative disc disease one bulging disc and a disc that herniated last year. I still shift and change positions often, but being able to sit at my desk allows me to get so much work done. My old standard desk chair caused a familiar back pain that made me scared I was going to herniate again. This however, is lovely."

- Em

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