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  • The Austin is our most famous chair for a lot of reasons. Most notably? The ability to rock. The chair’s rocking capability allows you to move and change positions with your legs so you can remain active, even while you’re sitting.  The back and forth motion keeps your core and mind engaged while you work. The wood frame is the perfect mix of form and function. Not only will it look chic and be a statement piece in your workplace, but it also makes it strong, durable and easy to move around the space.

    Unlike other ergonomic chairs, The Austin is a great space saver (you can tuck it directly under your desk while it’s not in use) which makes it the perfect work from home buddy.

    Whether you suffer from lower back pain, upper back pain or you are simply looking to prevent future back pain- The Austin Kneeling Chair has your back. The tilted angle of the seat opens up your hips allowing you to effortlessly maintain an upright seated posture.


  • Benefits Of The Austin Kneeling Chair. 

    Rocking motion to help keep core engaged

    Open hip angle for effortless upright posture

    Weight capacity of up to 265 lbs

    3 wood cross supports for added durability (compared to competitors 1)

    20 ply birchwood (compared to competitors 14 ply)

    4 inch thick cushions for added comfort

    Soft, black cloth cushion covers. The fabric won’t bleed onto your clothes or stick to your skin if you are in shorts.

    Natural, effortless S curve for your back to help with pain

  • Measurements Austin Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Measurement Guide

  • Testimonials 

    “I was worried that the assembly would be too difficult but the online video (video address provided in the assembly instructions) was extremely helpful and made it pretty easy - took me just about 30 minutes beginning to end. I am using the chair now as I write and I think it will be a welcome relief to normal chair sitting: with my weight distributed across my bum and shins, I'm able to easily sit up straight (no hunching). I'm hoping I can use this chair exclusively when using my computers at home. Seems like this is a good step to counter the occupational hazard of sitting as I work on a computer most of the day, every day.” - Jerrilene M. Martinez

    “I had no issues at all with assembly - everything fit perfectly, the same level of quality and ease of assembly as something you'd buy at West Elm, for example, at a really good price. This kneeling chair looks great and feels very sturdy. I've only used it one day so far so I'm not sure how I'll feel about it long-term, but I'm loving it so far!” - Jez

    “Had the chair a week and it's worked out great. I've been a long time sufferer of sciatic nerve problems, and this chair has really helped realign my back and helped to lessen the pain from long periods of sitting. The padding is also more than adequate, making a very comfortable chair. Other reviews seem to imply that setup is incredibly difficult, but if you take a couple of minutes to look at all the pieces beforehand, it's actually quite straightforward and easy. Considering getting a second one for the other office. Great chair for a great price!” -Evan Scherer

    “Super simple to put together, didn't need anything but what came in the box. Looks even nicer/sleeker/high quality in-person - the photos make the wood look almost plastic-y, but it is a lovely blond color. My kids are fighting over who gets to use my new desk chair!”  -Trish Morfitt

    “This is now my primary chair for desk/computer work. It's very comfortable and has decreased my pyriformis pain. Still, it helps to rise and stretch on a regular basis and give my knees/shins a break from this chair's positioning. Well worth the price and it's rather stylish.” -desertbarrens

    “Extremely comfortable and the assembly instructions were excellently written. They even marked which sides the angle of the crossbars should be connected to. When I saw that I squealed, "Oh, how sweet of them!!" The chair even allows for a little bit of rocking. If you're wondering about the height of it, it is a comfortable height for a normal desk with a keyboard tray.” -Nicole S.

    “I've had it for two months and my lower back pain has completely disappeared. Rocking on the chair also adds fun to work. Really love it.” -X. Sun

    “My yoga teacher has this chair in her studio and let me try it. The shipping was fast and the assembly was painless. I'm happy with the quality of the chair and how it's encouraging me to be active as I sit. I have to order another one for my husband!” - Cheryl CS


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