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Kneeling Chairs: Nothing to Be Intimidated By.

“How does it work?” people ask as they tilt their head from side to side as if perhaps it’s upside down.   Someone once asked, “Is it for exercise?”     “How do you get into it?” they say, scrunching up their nose as if it’s something you might need a lengthy instruction manual for.     “Go ahead!” I say. “Try it. How do you think it works?”     Time and time again friends and family skeptically climb into my rocking kneeling chair. There’s always a moment of brief hesitation. You can see just a glimmer of fear in their eyes.     “What if I fall over?” I what I imagine they think in those quick moments....

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Who Benefits from a Kneeling Chair?

We aren’t joking when we say “literally anyone who sits” when answering the above question, but we figured we’d better have some facts to back up that big bold statement. Though the kneeling chair has a seemingly endless amount of benefits for almost every single body type we want to be clear that it is not meant for anyone with a history of knee pain or leg injuries.   But as for the rest of you…   Our adjustable models fit anyone from about 4 feet tall to 7 feet tall, so whether you're super petite or super not petite, young or old, pregnant or rocking a baby, at home or at work, there’s no end to who, where or...

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