The Austin Project: Issue #1 with Evan Duvall

The Austin Project: Issue #1 with Evan Duvall

We are so excited to be kicking off the “Austin Project” here on our blog- a collaborative effort with our friends and favorite photographers over at the Kara Marie Collective

Austin, TX is a city that is so rich in culture and life, and the people are what make this city so magnetic. There are so many fascinating people doing exciting things. The city constantly keeps us inspired to continue to do the work we do here at Sleekform: creating alternative, comfortable ways for people to sit while they do whatever it is they do while seated. 

We felt the urge to get out into our community and meet some people who make Austin great. We chatted to each person about their businesses, passions, how they use the chair and how they define self-care.

Sleekform Austin Ergonomic Kneeling Chair By Liz Mercer With Evan Duvall Eazy Does It Podcast


We couldn’t think of a better person to kick things off with than Evan Duvall. 

Evan is the host of “The Eazy Does It Podcast”- a podcast designed to give creatives, artists, and leaders in Austin a platform to speak up about how they are expressing themselves and stepping up to serve their communities. The goal is to get the listeners out into the community, interacting face to face, so each episode is recorded with a live audience present at the Native Hostel. Which is a great hostel/bar/coffee and hangout spot here in Austin. 

Each week, a new guest comes on his podcast to have an engaging conversation that people will tune into through Silent Disco Headphones. The headphones isolate people’s attention and create an uninterrupted listening experience for those involved.

Eazy Does It collaborates with local artists to support the artisan and enrich the community. Each event showcases a mix of creators, musicians and craftsmen, all located in Austin. 

I first met Evan at one of his podcast recordings when he was interviewing my pal Justin Wren with Fight for the Forgotten. Shout out to you Justin! I had never met Evan before, but I took a chance a brought a few chairs with me to the recording in the hopes of breaking the ice and get some real-life feedback. I felt shy and a little embarrassed about going out on the limb and approaching a total stranger with my weird little posture chairs, but I introduced myself and offered him the chairs to sit in during the recording. No strings attached; I just wanted unbiased feedback. Evan was (thankfully) all in after sitting on them for only a few seconds. 

Evan practices what he preaches. He welcomed me and my ideas and was so gracious about the whole thing. After a few weeks of having the chairs, we met up again (this time with Joeli from the Kara Marie Collective to snag some cool pics) to get the unbiased feedback he promised.

Sleekform Austin Ergonomic Kneeling Chair By Liz Mercer Evan Duvall Eazy Does It Podcast

Evan is an interesting study for us because he is a man who is (for lack of a better word) allergic to sitting. He told us that he doesn’t even have a couch at his place. He is a hardcore mover, runner, biker and trainer at Onnit gym

Needless to say- it is a challenge to get Evan to sit still very long, let alone actually enjoy his time in a chair. 

During his typical workday, he prefers to use either a standing desk or a bar high top table, but even Evan had to admit, “After a day of running around, coaching, and working, it is nice to have a healthy way to take a load off.” 

Sleekform Austin Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Liz Mercer Evan Duvall Eazy Does It Podcast

Building an online community and podcast requires a lot of computer time, which is not easy when your body always wants to move like Evan’s. We quickly got to talking about how the discomfort he experiences while seated often leads to him needing to get up and move many times throughout the day, and it interferes with his workflow. 

He said that the main reason he is digging using our Austin kneeling chair so much is that the open-angle of the seat keeps his hip flexors open and comfortable. The rocking aspect of the chair helps maintain his body awareness and keep his core engaged 

We have to admit… we were suuuuper stoked to hear this come from someone as active as Evan because it’s exactly what we’ve been preaching about on the internet for three years. 

Evan also mentioned that having an improved seated posture was great to have during the live recording because it made breathing while he spoke that much easier. Plus, dang they looked so cool up on that stage! 


Evan lives life on his own terms and is building a solid community here in Austin in such a wonderfully natural way. He built a podcast studio out of a van and posts up all over the city (and soon all over the country!!), learning people’s stories. We are so happy that he’s taking the Austin kneeling chair along for the ride with him, having open conversations in parks and public spaces. 


Sleekform Austin Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Liz Mercer Evan Duvall Eazy Does It Podcast

You can grab tickets to the upcoming Eazy Does It Podcast recording here. You can also follow along with Evan’s journey on Instagram. If you ever spot him and his van in a park here in Austin, make sure to go over and say hi and pop a squat in one of our chairs, grab a selfie and tag us! 

We have eight more Austin Project blogs coming up with so many rad people. Make sure to check us out on Instagram for more photos from the Kara Marie Collective and more from our conversation with Evan.

If you’re located in Austin and would like to be featured in future Austin Project blogs, please reach out to us directly at


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Photo of Evan using the chair at Native by Tyler Stubblefield

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