Sleekform Best Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chairs For Back Pain Sciatica Posture Improvement

The Sleekform Guide For New Remote Workers

New To Remote Work? We've Got A List Of The Best Tips To Help You Out. 

The initial shock of self-isolation is over, and so is the novelty of working from home. At this point, I imagine you're getting a little stir crazy and uncomfortable. Work may be starting to pile up, and it's time to accept that this is going to be our new normal for a while and get down to business.


As a company, we've been working remotely for years, and we've got a few things we can't live without that make the remote life so much easier. 


Here's our list of must-haves in a home office (with links on where to get them.)

Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair Best For Back Pain Posture Improvement Routine Fixing

Roost Laptop Stand: 

This laptop stand is a must-have for us. We are a crew of posture minded people, and this is a non-negotiable. You could have the most ergo friendly chair in the world, but if you're working from a laptop and hunching down to see, it'll be all for nothing. Our whole company moves around a lot, so each of us loves how the Roost Stand folds up easily and fits in our kits and it works with most types and sizes of laptops. It's also height-adjustable, which makes it great for any chair/table combination, and it also fits most laptops. It's effortless and intuitive to set up and lightweight, so if you're like us and move your workspace, it won't cause any inconvenience. It's also durable, and sturdy enough to trust it with your beloved (and expensive) computer and durable have it work for you for years. The cherry on top is that you can buy it on Amazon, which means free two-day delivery, and we live for that sort of efficiency and service. 


Keyboard + Trackpad

If you're going to commit to going FULL ergo and using a laptop stand, you're going to need to invest in a wireless keyboard and trackpad/ mouse, or else all the ergonomic magic the laptop stand offers will be gone. You'll wind up giving yourself a nasty case of the carpal tunnel quickly. 


There are lots of discount versions of Bluetooth keyboards and trackpads on the market. Still, when it comes to your work set up, we recommend biting the bullet and spending a bit of extra cash on a product that will last, or at least comes with a good warranty (and if you're self-employed you can write it off as a business expense on your taxes!)

Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair Best For Back Pain Posture Improvement Routine Fixing

Noise Cancelling Headphones: 

We used to say these were necessary if you wanted to travel and work- but now... If you have a spouse, children, or even a roommate, these are going to be your most essential tool. We love the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. Yes, they are a bit of an investment, but they will change your life if you have to focus with a lot of background noise. Trust us. Your family will thank you too for being able to keep your cool while stuck at home. 

Another pro of the headphones is you can get into “headphone time” which means "Don't talk to me I'm working and need to do so." Its a visual signal everyone can understand....hopefully.



Sleekform Chairs:

Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair Best For Back Pain Posture Improvement Routine Fixing

There are a few things you should always take into account when shopping for a kneeling chair- if you want to make sure you're getting a real kneeling chair that will help you make the adjustments you're likely hoping for if you've found yourself typing "kneeling chair" into the google search bar. 


The key factors you need to take into account when hunting for an excellent kneeling chair are:



Our non-adjustable chairs have enough wiggle room for people 5'2" -6" 2," but this is not everyone. If you are slightly taller or slightly shorter, we don't recommend getting one of our non-adjustable chairs- luckily, we've got kneeling chairs that adjust both height and seat angle. It's essential to take the time to play around and try out different angles. Each of our bodies has different needs and requirements. We all have our own history- past injuries and sore spots- so just because one setting works for me doesn't mean it's the best setting for you. If you are looking for an excellent way to improve your day-to-day posture and are of "average" height, our non-adjustable balance chairs will probably work perfectly for you. Still, if you are of above or below after height or have significant back/neck/sciatica issues, we encourage you to try our adjustable models. 


Do You Like to Rock?! 

We LOVE the fact that our Austin and Amsterdam models rock. The rocking motion keeps your core engaged, helps to stretch out your lower back, and is proven to help keep the mind quiet and focused throughout the day. It's a key player in making this style of kneeling chair effective. Sure, you can't customize the height and angles, but you get to add motion to your workday. 


Can You Use It Full Time? 

A lot of people look at these chairs and assume they won't be able to use it full time and have it replace their current desk chair because they lack backrests. They worry that their backs will get tired, and they won't be able to sustain using it for a full day. That is not at all true- these chairs are designed for full-time use. The obtuse angle of the seat places you into a natural, comfortable posture that engages your front body and takes the pressure off your back. The main reason we rely so heavily on backrests when we sit in our regular right angle chairs is that it's so difficult to engage our core in this posture. 



Portland Table:

Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair Best For Back Pain Posture Improvement Routine Fixing

To keep your productivity up, you're going to need a designated work area. A kitchen table will do the trick, but if you could have a space separate from where you eat and are used to gathering for social occasions, we recommend that. 


Our Portland desk is excellent because not only is it beautiful (big perk), but it's super lightweight and foldable so you can put it away at the end of the day or when things go back to normal. It holds up to 100 lbs so you can put a whole desk up set up on it safely, but it only weighs 24lbs, so hiding it in a closet is no biggie. 



We may be living like this for a while- the best thing you can do is give yourself the tools to thrive. Things feel weird and uncertain, but one this a lot of us are still lucky enough to maintain our work routine. Make yourself comfortable and productive, and any added stress your experiencing will melt away. This is another basic form of self-care. 


Stay inside, wash your hands, eat your vegetables, and get your work done.


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