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Austin Kneeling Chair: Zilker Sunset

Austin Kneeling Chair: Zilker Sunset

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Bring a splash of color to your office with this fun new take on the classic Austin Kneeling Chair. 

The seat of the kneeling chair is tilted at a 120° angle instead of the usual flat 90° you’re used to. This open angle pushes your hips forward and places you in an upright seated posture. Your core will engage, and most of the pressure will be taken off your lower back.

The separate knee cushions allow you to switch up your leg positions. The ability to rock keeps your core continually engaged and keeps your wiggles away.

It's important to note that usually takes about two weeks for your body to adapt to this style of sitting fully. We recommend keeping your old chair nearby at first and using the kneeling chair in short increments, but after that, you’re good to go! Use it all day, every day, forever.


Height: 22”

Length: 28”

Width: 21”

Weight Capacity: 265 lbs

Recommend Height: 5’2”-6’2”


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A fun new take on an ergonomic classic.