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Why Just Take Our Word For It?

We are so pleased to have been featured in numerous publications as the Best Kneeling Chair! 

Ergonomic Trends placed our Atlanta Model at the top of their list of Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs for 2018. Read the full list, and why we're number one here

We were featured as The Best of The Best in "Best Reviews" choice for Best Kneeling Chairs of 2018. Read what they have to say about our Atlanta Model here

The Best Advisor named our Atlanta Model their top pick for Best Kneeling Chairs to Improve Your Posture for 2018, saying "If you're searching for a high quality and universal kneeling chair, the Sleekform model is undoubtedly a good opening for you". Read everything else they have to say about us here

The Office Chairist called us a "stand out" and "a perfect example of one of the best kneeling chairs in 2018." in their review of our Atlanta Model. See what else they have to say about us here 

Pain Away Devices listed our Atlanta Model as their number one pick for their list of Top 5 Kneeling Chairs. Read all about why we got the top spot here

You can also find us on Kneeling Chair HQ's list of Top Kneeling Chairs of 2018

The Balance Small Business called our Atlanta model the Best Kneeling Chair for Tall People in their list of top kneeling chairs for 2018. Read all about why here

Three Good Ones listed us as one of the Top 3 Kneeling Chairs to Relieve Back Pain, and you can read all about why they love our Atlanta model so much by clicking here

You can also find us on My Neck Sprain's list of the 10 Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs for Back and Neck Pain.