The Alpharetta Leather.

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Key features:

  •  Added seat adjustability (1°-47°)
  • More height adjustment ability (18”-25”)
  • Open hip angle for effortless upright posture
  • Weight capacity of up to 265 lbs
  • Steel frame making it lightweight, strong and long-lasting.
  • 4 inch thick cushions for added comfort
  • Faux leather, black cushion covers, easy to keep clean and durable
  • Natural, effortless S curve for your back to help with pain

 Why The Alpharetta?

When you place your weight onto your sit bones the chair gently tilts your pelvis forward encouraging a natural upright posture. This posture engages your core muscles eliminating pressure on your spinal discs, back, and shoulders. The best part about a kneeling chair is if you find yourself craving a new position, just move your weight onto your shins to change it up, take one or both knees out, or even sit on it backward- there are no rules! Whichever way you feel the most comfortable is best… pretty radical, we know…

Do You Need The Adjustable Seat Angle??

For a lot of our customers, The Atlanta is the perfect chair, but some of them told us they wished they could have tilted their pelvis to a deeper angle.

We want to always be listening and evolving and making products you love, so we listened to this feedback and made a slight design change.

If you’re new to the kneeling chair world and you’re not sure what works best for you, we’d recommend starting out with The Alpharetta. With it, you’ll be able to give yourself the option to try out different angles. Maybe when you’re starting out you’d like to keep it mellow at a classic 90 degrees and work your way up to more extreme sitting! Or maybe you’re a kneeling chair veteran and know you like to sit steep.

No matter what your experience is with alternative sitting The Alpharetta is great because you have the freedom to switch it up, and as we always like to say

“The best posture is the next posture.”


Same Great Wheels.

We made sure to keep everything you love about our original Atlanta model and that included our durable, smooth-rolling wheel. They are proven to be safe on any type of flooring, you can roll with confidence from one end of the office to the other. Great on carpet, hardwood, concrete, and tile, and come with a universal stem if you find your hardcore office rolling has worn them out over time. You’ll be able to pop ‘em out and replace them with new wheels!

Thickness Matters.

These cushions will make your body sing! They are thick and durable so they won’t compress over time. Whether you want to use this kneeling chair in your home office, for meditation, for posture correction, or for any number of other reasons, it can ensure you remain comfortable for long periods of time.

On top of everything our cushions are made from 50% Recycled Foam and 50% Memory Foam -making The Alpharetta not only the most comfortable chair in your office but also a friend to the earth!

    Need Help with Assembly? 

    No problem! Download the PDF assembly guide here!