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    The Alpharetta is our most adjustable model. Its completely adjustable seat allows you to adjust the angle of the seat from 90°-137°, without having to alter the height of the chair.

    Due to the angled placement of the seat cushion, when you place your weight onto your sit bones the chair gently tilts your pelvis forward encouraging a natural upright posture. This posture engages your core muscles eliminating pressure on your spinal discs, back, and shoulders. 

    We’ve been working to improve not only the ergonomics of the chair but the overall quality with a new wheel design, a better-made adjustment bar and improved stitching on the cushion. It will be worth the wait once The Alpharetta returns better than ever.

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  • User height minimum: 5’2”

    User height maximum: 6’2”

    Maximum weight capacity: 265 lbs

    Seat Cushion: 40 x 30 x 10cm (16" x 12" x 4")

    Knee Cushion: 45 x 25 x 10 cm (18” x 10” x 4”)

    Seat Angle (lowest setting): 90° 

    Seat Angle (highest setting): 140°

    Chair Height: 48- 72cm (19”-28”)

    Cushion Exterior: Faux Leather

    Cushion Interior: Recycled foam, 60D density

    Net weight of chair: 25 lbs


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