Sleekform Furniture

Make Your Entire Office A Sleekform Office!

Sleekform wants to change the way you work- whether it's the chair you sit in or the board you write on.

We are proud to introduce our brand new whiteboard!

Key Features Of The Sleekform Whiteboard

  • It is double-sided for extra workspace
  • Oversized (73.6" x 70.9")
  • Fully mobile for easy transport from room to room.
  • Anti- warping.
  • Sturdy, easy to assemble steel frame
  • Locking wheels.
  • Set at an ideal writing height so it can be used by both tall and short people.


Collaborate, take notes, draw diagrams & more with the mobile dry erase Whiteboard from Sleekform! Whether you need a magnetic dry erase whiteboard for a work environment, home office, school or other location, this is the whiteboard is big enough, mobile enough, and Sleek enough to cover all your needs. There’s never been a better way to ensure you are able to jot down important notes and diagram important concepts so that everybody understands.



"In researching various whiteboard solutions for my office, I put quite a bit of stock in the various reviews I was able to find. As this product had quite a few reviews and positive ones at that, I decided to give it a try. Since it works well I decided to add a review to help others choose a good product.

Starting with shipping - comes in a single box with the various parts very well secured in the width/length of the board itself. No damage at all in shipping and very easy to get the parts out of the package for assembly. The parts are easily identified by the tri-fold parts and assembly instructions. The instructions are straight forward and assembly is easy to do - all tools were included that are required for installation. The one issue I had was one of the accessory tray screw holes was drilled a little off - but this was easily corrected by just tapping a new hole - but did require me to get a Phillips screwdriver.

Once assembled, moving it into place with the wheel/rollers was very easy. I have carpeting in my office and it will roll across the carpet with just one person moving it. Height is very appropriate and amenable to some serious white-boarding. I have a full set of marker colors and all colors working well and erasing easily.

The only drawback that I can see is it is a little unstable when you write on it, likely just because the entire assembly is not that heavy. I find myself not writing as firmly as I have in the past - but that was on boards that were attached to the wall. This is not a huge drawback, maybe just a design issue that can eventually be corrected to get to five stars on the "Sturdiness" rating.

I've just used this for a few days but anticipate it will meet my needs for several years to come. Bravo on the product, shipping, assembly, and function. Well worth the price that is a bit above some of the other boards that seem to have more hit and miss reviews, or not many reviews at all." -Robert Williams, October 2019


"Received this whiteboard before estimated date of arrival. Boxed well and in good condition. Easy to take out from the packaging. Noticed a very very small dent, you can't see it at glance. No biggie! Easy to assemble! No extra tools needed. Heavy duty. Looks great! Easy flip, lock/unlock! Move it anywhere, lock the wheels when in place desired, stays put. Definitely recommend! Notice - you can't adjust the height! But it's perfect, easy to use, I'm pleased!" Jessica E., September 2019

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