The Austin.

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Key Features.

  • Rocking motion to help keep core engaged
  • Open hip angle for effortless upright posture
  • Weight capacity of up to 265 lbs
  • 3 wood cross supports for added durability (compared to competitors 1)
  • 20 ply birchwood (compared to competitors 14 ply)
  • 4 inch thick cushions for added comfort
  • Soft, black cloth cushion covers. The fabric won’t bleed onto your clothes or stick to your skin if you are in shorts.
  • Natural, effortless S curve for your back to help with pain
  • Weight capacity up to 265lbs 

Perks of The Austin.

Active Sitting.

Having the ability to stay in motion even when you're sitting has countless benefits. The rocking motion keeps your core engaged and in turn, your back is supported.

Active sitting is a great way to stay focused if you're prone to fidgeting. It's enormously helpful with maintaining productivity throughout the day.

Open Hip Angle.

Due to the 70° angle of the seat cushion, when you place your weight onto your sit bones the chair gently tilts your pelvis forward encouraging a natural upright posture. This posture engages your core muscles eliminating pressure on your spinal discs, back and shoulders.

What about my knees!

Don't be fooled by the term "kneeling chair". When sitting in the Austin the majority of your weight remains in your buttocks and any weight in your legs is placed on your shins. This allows you to be able to sit in this position all day long without any pain or discomfort in your knees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will The Austin Damage My Floors?

The Austin comes with stick-on felt pads for you to apply if you have floors you're looking to protect so you can rock freely and not have to worry!

What Is The Right Desk Height For The Austin?

The Austin was designed to work with a standard 29" inch high desk.

How Tall Do You Need To Be? What Is the Max Weight Capacity?

The Austin works for anyone from 5'1" to 6'6" and can hold up to 265 lbs.

Will It Hurt My Knees?

It is completely normal to experience some discomfort or tenderness in the shins and knees when you first begin to use the chair, but after that, your shins will strengthen and take most of your weight. Your knees should be perfectly fine!

    Looking for help with the assembly? Look no further! 

    Download the assembly manual PDF here!