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The Tokyo Kneeling Chair

The Tokyo Kneeling Chair

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  • The Tokyo isn’t like other kneeling chairs…it has a backrest AND handlebars!

    Ouuuu fancy!!

    She is the perfect chair for someone who is eager to take the leap into kneeling chairs but maybe isn’t ready to give up the additional support of a backrest. We get it- we’ve been raised in a society that values backrests on chairs, it can be hard to imagine a life without them. The Tokyo has you covered!

    It’s a flexible, mesh backrest that gives you more support than ever as your body adjusts to using a kneeling chair and your core begins to strengthen. The handlebars help give you keep your balance as you climb in and out of your chair. The faux leather cushions are easy to keep clean making it appealing for hairdressers, tattoo artists and similar service providers to use while they work.

    The Tokyo is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee if it ends up not being absolutely perfect. All of our products are covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty in case anything ever goes wrong! 

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    Click to download the assembly manual.

  • User height minimum: 5’4”

    User height maximum: 6’0”

    Maximum weight capacity: 220 lbs

    Seat Cushion: 40 x 30 x 10cm (16" x 12" x 4")

    Knee Cushions: 45 x 25 x 10 cm (18” x 10” x 4”)

    Chair Height: 49-66 cm (19”-26”)

    Seat Angle (lowest setting): 97°

    Seat Angle (highest setting): 127°

    Backrest Dimensions: 37 x 22.5 cm (15” x 10”)

    Cushion Exterior: Faux Leather

    Cushion Interior: Recycled foam, 60D density

    Net weight of chair: 31lbs

  • We know we yammer on a lot about how the angle seat of the kneeling chairs makes it so you don’t need a backrest- and we stand by that statement. We also understand that it’s hard for people to fathom being able to sit in a chair all day without a backrest, and for some people- they really can’t.

    We want to make sure we have a chair to suit as many body types and lifestyles as possible.

    One important thing to note about the backrest on this chair is that you cannot adjust the height and angle of it (it’s something we’re still working on…). If you are slightly taller or shorter than average, you may find the backrest does not sit in the right spot for you, which is why we recommend this chair for people between 5’4” and 6’0” as opposed to our usual 5’2”-6’2”.


Height: 22”

Length: 28”

Width: 21”

Weight Capacity: 265 lbs

Recommend Height: 5’2”-6’2”



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30-day money-back guarantee if you don't like the product, and all of our chairs are covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty in case anything goes wrong with the product.

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"I immediately noticed that it forced my posture into a better position. I wasn't hunched. My shoulders felt more open and less tight. And I wasn't experiencing any neck pain once 5 p.m. hit."

-Farrah Penn, Buzzfeed

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Productive and pain free.

The rocking motion helps keep you focused and energized as the tilted angle of the seat opens your hip flexors and takes pressure of your lower back.