The Austin Project: Issue #7 with Tania Minnich

The Austin Project: Issue #7 with Tania Minnich

We’re back again with the seventh issue of our Austin project blog series! A collaborative effort with our friends and favorite photographers over at the Kara Marie Collective

Austin, TX is a city that is so rich in culture and life, and the people are what make this city so magnetic. There are so many fascinating people doing exciting things. The city constantly keeps us inspired to continue to do the work we do here at Sleekform: creating alternative, comfortable ways for people to sit while they do whatever they do while seated. 

We felt the urge to get out into our community and meet some people who make Austin great. We chatted to each person about their businesses, passions, how they use the chair and how they define self-care.

This week we are featuring Tania Minnich- the founder and designer of T.K Martinez a line of limited edition, luxury dresses. Tania designs her stunning dresses here in Austin and has them made in Rome, Italy. 

Sleekform Austin Ergonomic Kneeling Chair By Liz Mercer

We were lucky enough to get to pay a visit to Tania’s studio here in Austin and hang out while she worked. We talked about the work she is doing with T.K Martinez and how a kneeling chair helps to bring out her creativity. 

T.K MARTINEZ is a luxury label specialized in a single garment, a dress tells its own story.

At the studio, Tania and her team keep every scrap of fabric because it is way too precious to throw away. Tania is able to give a new life to unused fabrics from earlier collections. Her latest “Belen” collection is another step towards integrity and consciousness, which has been working to combat waste, mostly recently sourcing recycled faille made from plastic bottles fished out of the ocean.

Sleekform Austin Kneeling Chair

Like most small business owners, Tania has to wear a lot of hats in the span of a day. She was thrilled about how the versatility of the chair connected to her lifestyle. Being a mother, a business owner and a creative she needs something that can keep up with her. 

As soon as she took her first sit on the Austin she said she felt like she suddenly had “a new creative partner”- someone to help support her while she draws. We thought that was such a beautiful sentiment. 

Liz Mercer CEO and Founder of Sleekform Ergonomic Furniture

She commented on the freedom of movement the Austin chair gives her. The ability to switch up her positions as often as she has to switch up her mindset as she transitions back and forth all day from a business owner to a creative. The effortless natural position the chair placed her in was a very welcome change to the rigidness backrests have typically forced upon her. 

She exclaimed to us excitedly that we had “read her mind” about what her body was craving without ever having expressed it to us.

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