Embrace the Colors of Fall! 7 Tips for Designing Your Home with a Warm Color Palette

Embrace the Colors of Fall! 7 Tips for Designing Your Home with a Warm Color Palette

The seasons are changing and fall is officially here. From the leaves changing colors to a crisp autumn air, you might be thinking about embracing all that fall has to offer in your home. Whether that’s incorporating the colors of fall in any accent piece to committing to a warm fall color palette year-round, there are numerous ways to design your home with burnt oranges, yellow ochre, or mahogany reds. 

To help you get started on the right path, we’ve highlighted seven ideas to help you design with seasonal colors in mind. And we’ve even asked experts from Raleigh, NC to Victoria, CA to weigh in and offer their best advice for embracing the fall season throughout your home. 

1) Wood adds a rich tone to your home

Don’t overlook the importance of incorporating wood elements into your home. Not only do they make great statement pieces and staple furniture that lasts for years to come, they also add to the autumnal feeling that comes with the changing leaves. 

Pro Tip: Wood has been a warm human touchstone since time immemorial. Rich tones found in wood will accent the warm feeling of autumn in your home. Wood comes in a wide variety of warm colors and grain patterns. Choosing a custom piece to accent your home will reflect the maker’s attention to detail that will harmonize with the beauty of your home. Wood tones from beautiful walnut and figured mahogany to light woods such as maple can bring the warm colors of fall into your home and add a welcoming quality. – Stuart Welch, Stuart Welch Furniture

2) Don’t forget to add warmth to your space

One of the best ways to ring in autumn is by embracing warmth in your space. Whether that’s turning on the fireplace as the days get colder or changing up your furniture choices. Even if you have a minimalist home interior you can mix modern with the warmth of wood furniture.

Pro Tip: With fall being the time to hunker down and get back to work it’s a great opportunity to freshen up your home office or workspace. We love the warmth and modern feel of the natural wood in the Austin kneeling chair. Not only is it chic, it’s stylish and a great focal point in any office, it is also incredibly functional. The ergonomic design of the chair allows you to effortlessly maintain an upright seated posture and keep your core engaged, and takes a huge amount of pressure off your lower back. It also pairs perfectly with our Portland folding table which makes a great temporary workspace for those of us who are still working from home and are short on space. – Sleekform 

3) Warm colors also include black

As you consider bringing rich colors into your home this autumn, think about how you can make a dramatic impact on your walls. One of the ways you can do this is through an accent wall – no matter the home style you have. Keep the important tip below in mind when choosing the right colors.

Pro Tip: While shades of red, brown, orange, and beige often come to mind when considering warm colors, don’t rule out the judicious use of black. A black accent wall can add a stunning sense of warmth and depth to a room, especially when a warm paint sheen, such as flat or matte, is used. Black accent walls are especially effective in homes with a modern or industrial style, and they look great next to surfaces with a lot of texture. – Jon Rivenbark, Residential Painter

4) Embrace the colors of fall with paint 

Incorporating the colors of fall through your home’s paint choices are a great way to bring warmth into your home year round. Whether that’s an accent wall painted a rusty red or giving new life to old furniture with a fresh paint job, the options are endless. And keep the following advice in mind when choosing the right painter to bring new life and rich tones to your home.

Pro Tip: Treat people as you would like to be treated. This brings integrity to the job and to all relationships I make in dealing and doing work for others. And this is more important than any service I provide. – Jim Brennan, Brennan Home Painting and Restoration

5) Don’t overlook colors that make your home cozy

While you may typically think of rich yellows, oranges, reds, and browns during the fall season, don’t overlook colors that are warm and last the whole year. Think about muted versions of your favorite colors, like greens, or pinks. And learn how to incorporate dusty pink into your home, one of this year’s favorite interior colors to bring warmth in. 

Pro Tip: Get cozy with fall’s top interior paint colour: dusty pink. This year, soft, muted tones are gaining steam for residential interior wall colours, and dusty pink is rapidly becoming a favourite. Dusty pink is being used by interior designers to serve as a warm, neutral background that enhances the warmth and comfort of a master bedroom, dining room, or powder room. – Moloney Painting 

6) Rustic elements bring fall into your home

When designing your home with the colors of fall, consider tapping into a more rustic style. Think of beige woven baskets and tapestries, rustic orange pillows, and cream-colored cozy blankets. And you can even mix these rustic elements together with nature.

Pro Tip: A great way to bring a touch of fall into your home is by using rustic baskets as planters. You can use different sizes and styles to enhance a corner of your home or a tabletop. A cute rustic basket along with a colorful Aglaonema, Chrysanthemums, or dried flowers will provide a warm and cozy fall vibe in your home. – Miss Plant

7) Decorate with flowers, no matter the season

Flowers may bring feelings of spring and summer, but there’s no reason that you can’t decorate with seasonal flowers the entire year – fall included. For added inspiration, keep the following expert-backed tip into mind.. 

Pro Tip: Seasonal flowers, such as yellow daisies, lilies, or poppies, can make a big difference in your fall home decor. The tone is ideal for transmitting joyful and creative energy. Additionally, chrysanthemums, gladioli, and marigolds are also available in warm hues. – Garden for Indoor

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