Sleekform Portland Best Folding Desk Table

Why a folding table could be the solution to your work from home dilemma.

Because no one wants to live at the office.

Working from home seems to have become a consistent part of many of our lives over the past three (!) years and it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere any time soon. Whether you split your time between home and the office, or you WFH only during periods of lockdown or have now joined the ranks of the full-time remote workers you may still find yourself without a good home office solution. 

We get it, we’ve also gone through the many stages of WFH grief. We’ve balanced our laptops on our sofas, we’ve given presentations from bed, and we have also eaten our Christmas dinner at the same table we had our performance review at. Enough is enough, friends. It’s time to accept our fate and give ourselves a nice place to work (at home).

Sleekform Portland Best Folding Real Wood Desk Table

We know that not all of us (any of us?) have the luxury of a spare room in our house that we can dedicate to a home office. We also know that most of us aren’t willing to spend $500+ on a desk that we don’t have room for. This is exactly why we created the Portland Folding Table

We saw a need for a truly versatile piece of furniture. Our homes are no longer a place for us to unwind and sleep. We are working, eating, hosting, and really living in our homes now more than ever. The Portland is a perfect cross between a folding table and a real table. With it’s beautiful real wood table top and sleek metal hairpin legs you won’t feel the need to cover it up with a tablecloth. The folding mechanism allows you to fold it up simply and easily. When it’s in its folded position it is a mere 2.5” thick allowing it to fit into any closet, or under a bed or couch. 

If you’re considering using a folding table as a desk here are all the major points you should consider:

Sleekform Portland Best Real Wood Folding Desk Table

Things To Consider When Buying A Folding Desk.


You want to spend your money on something that will last and be able to withstand 8+ hours a day of typing, writing, dining, or whatever else you want to throw at it. You also want something that has quality hardware so you can continually fold and unfold the table and not worry about it deteriorating.

Sleekform Portland Best Real Wood Folding Desk Table

Easy To Fold & Carry 

When shopping for a folding table or desk you want to make sure that the table easily folds and is lightweight enough that it would feel like a massive chore to bring it out and put it away. The Portland folding table has easy to use steel hinges, a 2.5” lip that makes it easy to carry and weighs only 24 lbs (it holds 110 lbs) which makes it lightweight enough for most people to carry on their own. 



 Sure, you could get a drab plastic folding table, but it’s important that you enjoy the space you’re in (especially if it’s the space you spend most of your time in!). Getting a chic table that you won’t feel embarrassed about if someone drops in unexpectedly is definitely something that should be prioritized. This is your home we’re talking about! The Portland has a gorgeous real wood table top that will make you feel like you’re working from a trendy co-working space! 

Sleekform Portland Best Folding Real Wood Desk Table

We spend most of our days working and we really believe that these hours should be enjoyed. Investing in your home work set up can really make you feel better and inspire you to do your best work! If you're considering adding a kneeling chair to your work set up, check out this article about the three things you need to know before buying a kneeling chair.


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