Are Kneeling Chairs Good For Pregnant People?

Are Kneeling Chairs Good For Pregnant People?

Why Kneeling Chairs May Be The Perfect Chair For Pregnancy.

Despite the rumors that you become a glowing goddess, pregnancy can bring a lot of discomfort with it. Not only physical discomfort but also a lot of mental and emotional discomfort. Growing a small person can be extremely demanding, distracting and difficult. Add in having to stay on top of all your usual daily tasks and responsibilities, and you’ve got a few challenging months ahead of you. 

Although we at Sleekform cannot help you complete your tasks and help you come to terms with your existential feelings (if we could, we would!), we can help you be more comfortable while you sit and work (or sit and shop for cute baby things?).

There are countless benefits a kneeling chair can offer almost any body, but when our founder and CEO Liz became pregnant with her first child, we learned from first hand, in-house experience just how beneficial kneeling chairs can be for pregnant bodies. 

Sleekform Best Pregnancy kneeling chairs 2022

Here are our top reasons for recommending kneeling chairs to our pregnant customers:

Open Hip Angle

When pitching the concept of the kneeling chair to anyone the first point we always bring up is how the seat is tilted at a 120° angle instead of the traditional, flat 90° angle. The angled seat opens our hips up, giving us more room in the front of our body and engaging our core, which takes most of the pressure off our lumbar (lower) spine. 

One of the main discomforts of being pregnant is lower back strain from the added weight on the front of the body, and feeling squished when sitting because of lack of room in the front of our hips. The kneeling chair immediately fixes both of these problems. 

Rocking Motion

Our Austin and Amsterdam models have the added benefit of being rocking chairs. Rocking can allow for a more even weight distribution- switching the pressure from your back body to your front body as your rock yourself. Not only does this help keep you comfortable for longer periods of time, it’s also soothing for the mind. 

The gentle back and forth rocking can help stimulate our nervous system and help calm us. It’s important for pregnant people to keep stress levels low, which can be difficult given how hectic pregnancy can feel. You want to keep going at the same pace you went pre-pregnancy but your body may not be able to do that. Being pregnant can be very energy draining, which can cause us extra stress when we see our to-do list getting longer and longer. Anything that will help us stay calm and collected, even if it’s as small as rocking while we work, will go a long way to keeping both you and your baby healthy. 

Sleekform Best Pregnancy Kneeling Chairs 2022

Position Options

The more pregnant you become the more discomfort you may feel. Once you hit the third trimester it can become especially difficult to find and maintain a comfortable position for any length of time. This is especially true when it comes to sitting- which can be REALLY frustrating when you’re trying to get work done. 

A kneeling chair gives you SO many different options for seat positioning. Legs tucked in, legs out, one in one out- you name it, sis. And not be a real used car salesman about it, but when you pair it with our Saint John standing desk converter and do a little standing work… you’ve got yourself a Productive Pregnancy Paradise! 

Sleekform Best Pregnancy Kneeling Chair 2022


If you or a friend are currently experiencing pregnancy discomfort, a kneeling chair is definitely an option worth looking into. It may not be perfect for all day use (because nothing ever is) but it has the potential to eliminate pressure from your lower back, give you more space for your growing belly in the front, and give you lots of different options for how you can sit. 

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to reach out to us as

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I didn’t know how nice the chair would be until I hit 3rd trimester, now I can’t really sit in any other chair. IMO it is better than a pregnancy ball because it doesn’t roll around constantly.


This information enough for my clear concept. Thanks for your best information.

Sara Sidle

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