The Tokyo.

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Key Features:

  • Backrest for added lumbar support
  • Handles for added stability getting in and out of the chair.
  • Open hip angle for effortless upright posture
  • Weight capacity of up to 265 lbs
  • Steel frame making it lightweight, strong and long-lasting.
  • 4 inch thick cushions for added comfort and stability of recycled foam
  • Height adjustability from 19" to 26"
  • Natural, effortless S curve for your back to help with pain

Perks of The Tokyo?

The Most Support.

Unlike most kneeling chairs The Tokyo offers a flexible, mesh backrest that gives you more support than ever as your body adjusts to using a kneeling chair and your core begins to strengthen.

The handlebars help give you keep your balance as you climb in and out of your chair.

The Open Hip Angle

Due to the angled placement of the seat cushion, when you place your weight onto your sit bones the chair gently tilts your pelvis forward encouraging a natural upright posture. This posture engages your core muscles eliminating pressure on your spinal discs, back, and shoulders.

What About My Knees?

Don't be fooled by the term "kneeling chair". When sitting in the Tokyo the majority of your weight remains in your buttocks and any weight in your legs is placed on your shins. This allows you to be able to sit in this position all day long without any pain or discomfort in your knees.


Frequently Ask Questions:

Will The Wheels Damage My Floors?

Our wheels were designed to be safe for any floor type, but if you find they aren't working for your specific needs you can always change them out. They are universal castors with a 49mm bearing.

What Is The Right Desk Height For The Tokyo?

The Tokyo was designed to work with a standard 29" inch high desk.

How Tall Do You Need To Be? What Is The Max Weight Capacity?

The Tokyo works for anyone from 5'1" to 6'6" and can hold up to 265 lbs.

Will It Hurt My Knees?

It is completely normal to experience some discomfort or tenderness in the shins and knees when you first begin to use the chair, but after that, your shins will strengthen and take most of your weight. Your knees should be perfectly fine!

Need Help Assembling Your Chair?

Lost the instruction manual?  No problem! Download the PDF here!