The Portland

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Key Features:

• A smooth finish that is easy to clean.

• Foldable legs for easy storage.

• Lightweight and easy to move.

• Strong and sturdy.

• Timeless, rustic, chic design

The Portland Desk is sturdy and fun with a rustic design that looks good in any motif. Whether it be in a home office, in a living room, in a dining room or in a bedroom you can trust it will look great.

The Portland Desk is big enough to hold your computer or laptop, writing tools, pictures, memorabilia and a lamp while remaining compact enough so it won't overwhelm your room and take up too much space. You can place the desk against a wall or in the middle of a room, whatever works best for you.


Use The Portland as a work space all day long and then when it's quittin' time put the books and computer away and dress it up with your favourite dinnerware and effortlessly be ready for company!

Solid Wood.

The Portland Desk has a gorgeous solid wood top that's easy to keep clean and organized and is strong enough to hold your desktop computer or laptop and anything else you may need to get your work done. It's walnut finish keeps the table looking chic!


Weighing in at only 24 lbs The Portland is easy to transport, store and move around.

Measuring in at 47.2” L x 23.6” W x 30” H surface area of desktop space, the table holds up to 110 pounds and fits nicely in corners or small spaces.