The New York

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Why the New York? 

This sleek office chair features a comfortable mesh back and seat, a variety of adjustable features and lumbar support, this executive office chair is ideal for anyone looking to sit comfortably for long (or short) periods of time

The New York Chair provides you with:

Adjust the seat height (Perfect for most height ranges from 5' and up, and even for tall people all the way up to 6'3")

Adjust the tilt (sit up or recline)

Adjust the tilt tension

Adjust the arm height.

Create a customized seating experience that is tailored specifically to your body.

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable while they work. It can cause you to spend too much time fidgeting in your seat or trying to make adjustments and too little time on your work.


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Need Help Assembling your chair? 

Lost the instruction manual? Want a video assembly guide? No problem! Click here for a collection of our assembly videos or click here to email us for a PDF version of the manual.