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The Healthport Knee Walker

Regular price $168.00

If you or your loved one is suffering from a foot, ankle or lower leg medical injury or who has had a leg amputated below the knee the Healthport Knee walker is here to help make transportation easy while you heal.

Why Use A Kneewalker?

A knee scooter can be an excellent alternative to crutches giving you the ability to move quickly without having to swing forward on crutches that can be awkward and can also irritating to your underarms.

How Does It Work?

Simply place the injured leg on the foam pad and roll forward. The scooter works for both right and left. This aluminum scooter with a padded seat has 12-inch pneumatic tires that allow it to easily roll around on a variety of surfaces, including carpet and wood flooring. With this walker you’ll be able to roll down the driveway to the mailbox or drive along the sidewalk if you want to get out and enjoy some sunshine. You can use this knee walker at home, at work, at the park and just about anywhere else you want to go.

Who Can Use A Knee Walker?

The all-road scooter features an adjustable black knee pad and handlebars along with a sturdy black aluminum frame. The aluminum walker supports up to 300 pounds and is recommended for adults ranging in height from 5'3" tall and above. In addition to being super strong, the scooter frame also utilizes double-bar, heavy-duty construction to make it highly stable so users don’t have to worry about the walker easily tipping over and causing them to fall.

Where Can I Use It?

Despite its strong and sturdy frame, the knee walker remains lightweight and easy to move. It also features a tie-rod steering mechanism similar to the ones in cars so that it can be turned easily. You’ll be able to navigate around corners and maneuver through tight surroundings on this convenient push scooter. The scooter also has an adjustable hand brakes and locking parking brakes. Plus, it folds up easily so that it can be stored or packed up without taking up valuable space.
This convenient push walker offers a smooth, quiet ride. It also has a front basket where you can place items you need to bring with you – like a water bottle, keys, etc. It is also easy to assemble and comes with complete installation and operation instructions. In just six simple steps you could have a scooter to move around on.