The Atlanta.

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Key Features.

  • Added seat adjustability (97°-127°)
  • More height adjustment ability (18”-25”)
  • Open hip angle for effortless upright posture
  • Weight capacity of up to 265 lbs
  • Steel frame making it lightweight, strong and long-lasting.
  • 4 inch thick cushions for added comfort
  • Faux leather, black cushion covers, easy to keep clean and durable
  • Natural, effortless S curve for your back to help with pain

The Atlanta was born after we had been traveling the world working in different co-working spaces, coffee shops, and offices. We noticed that no matter where we went we were uncomfortable and that there was no alternative way to sit-- other than standing, which is great, but not always practical.

Our discomfort became so distracting we stopped focusing on our work and found ourselves researching the best ways to sit. After a lot of googling and writing to experts, we landed on a design we loved. Something practical, durable, effective and most importantly- comfortable.

What Happens When You Sit In A Kneeling Chair?

When you place your weight onto your sit bones the chair gently tilts your pelvis forward encouraging a natural upright posture. This posture engages your core muscles eliminating pressure on your spinal discs, back, and shoulders. The best part about a kneeling chair is if you find yourself craving a new position, just move your weight onto your shins to change it up, take one or both knees out, rock with one foot- there are no rules! Whichever way you feel the most comfortable is best…. pretty radical, we know...

Due to an ergonomic design that pushes against your pelvis and automatically positions you in the ideal posture for sitting, working and just generally crushing it. By putting you in the ideal posture, the chair helps to relieve tension in the back and neck. It also promotes improved blood circulation, which in turn can enhance energy and focus.

The Atlanta has been evolving ever since it was first created, and there was a pretty unanimous vote we got from our customers: Better Wheels!

Well, we heard you! With this newest version of The Atlanta, we replaced the old plastic wheels with a more durable, smoother rolling wheel. And for all you wild workers out there who roll around the office all day, you’re in luck! These new wheels come equipped with a universal stem making them easy to replace.

They are proven to be safe on any type of flooring, you can roll with confidence from one end of the office to the other. Great on carpet, hardwood, concrete, and tile.

Thickness Matters.

These cushions will make your body sing! They are thick and durable so they won’t compress over time. Whether you want to use this kneeling chair in your home office, for meditation, for posture correction, or for any number of other reasons, it can ensure you remain comfortable for long periods of time.

On top of everything our cushions are made from 50% Recycled Foam and 50% Memory Foam -making The Atlanta not only the most comfortable chair in your office but also a friend to the earth!


    Looking for help with assembly? Look no further! 

    Download the PDF assembly manual here!