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The Team.

Liz Mercer
Liz Mercer, Founder + CEO
Austin, Texas

Running Sleekform means building an entire line of furniture used by thousands of people all while trying to create one of the most interesting and fulfilling places to work. I spend a lot of time not sleeping and a whole lot of time thinking about body-conscious design and company culture. We are an itty bitty team so my work is split between testing new pieces, rebuilding the current pieces and working with my team on all areas of culture, logistics, design, ops, and customer happiness.
I also love to do yoga, travel, help other startup founders and encourage more females to become founders.

Three Things I Can’t Work Without?
  • WiFi
  • A good pen
  • A salty snack (I'm a sucker for some all dressed chips!)



Robin Hebb
Robin Hebb, Creative Director
Toronto, Canada

I’m passionate about working alongside scrappy, like-minded women and telling our stories. Being the Creative Director at Sleekform means bringing those two loves together and creating an absolute dream job. At Sleekform we take chances and we aren’t afraid of failure, we move fast and we get stuff done, we support each other and are building the dopest company of posture obsessed ladies (and Alex.) When I’m not Sleekform-ing I’m podcasting, writing and googling cheap flights.

Three Things I Can’t Work Without?
  • A minimum of 4 cups of coffee
  • My Moleskine notebook
  • A midday yoga break



Ashley Belger, Customer Support

Portland, Oregan


The best part about working for Sleekform is the team of people I work with. We all live in different parts of the world but somehow work in perfect unison. Beyond my great co-workers is the gift of working remote which makes me feel free to be creative with my workspace. Some days I work from my couch and others from a quaint coffee shop in downtown Portland.

Three things I can't work without?

  • A comfortable chair (Preferably our Austin model)
  • Sticky notes
  • Great music




Alex Semichin, Research + Analytics


Being a part of Sleekform means putting all your efforts to the end goal of bringing to the masses ergonomic furniture that encourages healthy behaviors and promotes healthy workspace. My role is centered around digital marketing, market research and being a bridge between partners in China and everyone in our team.
The Best part about working remotely is this special feeling of freedom
that puts you in the best position to fulfill your true potential.

I am passionate about data science, disruptive innovation and philosophy.

3 things I cannot work without:

  • My standing desk
  • Notebook and pens
  • Place without distractions