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We Are Sleekform.


At SLEEKFORM we are passionate about living well by challenging the status quo. Whether you work remotely from home, are a college student cramming for a final exam, a new mother rocking your newborn or perhaps you're just looking to relieve the tension a regular chair can put on your neck and shoulders-- our kneeling chairs have got your back. 

We are a society that spends the majority of our days sitting and many of us suffer from sore back and stiff necks that can eventually evolve into more long-term injuries- not to mention it can be distracting and cause us to be less productive at work.

The team at SLEEKFORM refuses to settle for this. We want to live our healthiest, happiest most productive lives which is why we are redefining the office chair. 

Our sophisticated ergonomic design positions you with an open hip angle that encourages a more upright posture. This helps to align your back, shoulders, and neck to reduce pain an discomfort that can arise from sitting in a traditional chair for an extended period of time allowing you to stay focused and get more done!


Our Posture Promise.

Sitting in a regular flat chair, or worse... a stool, causes us to slump over in unhealthy ways. This results in stiff necks, low back pain, headaches, migraines, tight shoulders, distraction.... need we go on?

We spend the majority of our waking hours sitting at a desk so why aren't making those hours as enjoyable and comfortable as possible? 


The upright posture you get when sitting in our kneeling chairs causes a chain reaction up your spine. You will immediately find yourself in a natural, upright position with your core engaged, your shoulders lengthened out and your neck aligned with your spine instead of protruding forward. 

Kneeling forward brings your weight forward and takes the stress off your lower back.

One important thing to note is that when you first transition to a kneeling chair your body is going to be a little confused and need a few days to accept the change. We recommend keeping your old chair nearby for the first few days. It's completely normal to feel some tenderness in your shins and your knees may start to feel tired after a few hours in the chair- but don't worry! This is just an adjustment period. Before you know it you'll never be able to remember how you sat in a traditional chair for all those years. 

Trust us.

We felt the same way. 

 Rock On. 

People weren't built to be sitting all day, but we get it! Not every day can be an epic adventure spent movin' and shakin'! You gotta eat! 

At SLEEKFORM we understand what it's like to get fidgety and to have restless legs and a distracted mind- this is why we designed our line of rockers!

The sensation of movement tricks the mind and helps you stay on task longer. It also keeps the core engaged and your muscles strong (who doesn't want strong abs??). When you finally finish your workday you'll leave your desk feeling accomplished and energetic.