We Are Sleekform.– Sleekform Furniture

We Are Sleekform.

Sleekform is a fully remote, small and mighty team lead by founder and CEO Liz Mercer. Although we are spread across three countries our team works closely together, on a never-ending mission to challenge the status quo.

We strive to disrupt the way we work and to not idly accept workplace pain as the norm. We believe in the direct correlation between comfort and health, and our mission is to make both accessible.

It doesn’t matter who you are- whether you work on the 50th floor downtown, or remotely from home. Whether you are a CEO running a fortune 500 business, a college student cramming for a final exam, or a new mother rocking your infant. Maybe you're simply looking to relieve the tension a regular chair puts on your neck and shoulders- whoever you are, wherever you are, we’ve got a chair for you.

The sophisticated ergonomic design of each of our models positions you with an open hip angle that encourages an effortless upright posture. The angled seat and knee pads place your thighs at an oblique angle providing a healthy curve in your lumbar spine, relaxed shoulders and an aligned neck. With these three combined it reduces pain and discomfort that can easily arise from sitting in a traditional chair for an extended period of time.

We don’t take being invited into your workspace and life lightly. We know we aren’t just providing you with a place to sit- we are providing you with an alternative for sitting that hasn’t always been available.

We take a lot of pride in making these options accessible for everyone and providing unparalleled customer service. We really value our customers, like a lot.  We cannot survive without you and have a few basic guidelines we always make sure to follow when we chat:

1) We react quickly 

2) We talk to you like a real person- because we are real people and so are you. Simple as that.

3) We answer questions fully, read between the lines, and try our best to predict and answer the next question you’re going to have before you have to ask it. 

4) We listen (we really, really listen).  Sometimes customers need to vent and get frustrated and we are here to help you through those feelings


Our biggest goal is to provide you with a full tool kit to help you be your most productive, healthy, and happiest self, and a single chair isn’t going to provide that. You need to be educated and understand your body, so we’ve taken the work out of that for you. Our website has become a well of knowledge- so dive in! 

Our name is Sleekform, and we’ve got your back.