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  • The Tokyo is a regular kneeling chair, but with even more support. If you're feeling ready to try a kneeling chair for the first time, but aren't ready to give up the added support of a backrest we have you covered. The Tokyo Kneeling Chair comes with a backrest and handlebars.

    Unlike most kneeling chairs The Tokyo offers a flexible, mesh backrest that gives you more support than ever as your body adjusts to using a kneeling chair and your core begins to strengthen. The handlebars help give you keep your balance as you climb in and out of your chair.

  • User height minimum: 5’2”

    User height maximum: 6’2”

    Maximum weight capacity: 220 lbs

    Seat Cushion: 40 x 30 x 10cm (16" x 12" x 4")

    Knee Cushions: 45 x 25 x 10 cm (18” x 10” x 4”)

    Chair Height: 49-66 cm (19”-26”)

    Seat Angle (lowest setting): 97°

    Seat Angle (highest setting): 127°

    Backrest Dimensions: 37 x 22.5 cm (15” x 10”)

    Cushion Exterior: Faux Leather

    Cushion Interior: Recycled foam, 60D density

    Net weight of chair: 31lbs

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