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Who Benefits from a Kneeling Chair?

We aren’t joking when we say “literally anyone who sits” when answering the above question, but we figured we’d better have some facts to back up that big bold statement.

Though the kneeling chair has a seemingly endless amount of benefits for almost every single body type we want to be clear that it is not meant for anyone with a history of knee pain or leg injuries.


But as for the rest of you…


Our adjustable models fit anyone from about 4 feet tall to 7 feet tall, so whether you're super petite or super not petite, young or old, pregnant or rocking a baby, at home or at work, there’s no end to who, where or how you use it.


One of our favourite things to see is young people sitting in our chairs. It’s so important during those developmental years that we teach our children healthy habits. If we had it our way, every school in America would be using kneeling chairs as opposed to the hard plastic or wooden chairs that are used now. Children spend a lot of the school day sitting and we should be taking into account their posture, especially when they are preteen/ teenagers and their bodies are going through so many huge changes and growth spurts.


The proof is in the pudding that kneeling chairs help with productivity and maintaining focus which is something that a lot of young people struggle with when trying to learn and retain information and trying to complete assignments on time. When considering which type of chair to buy for the student in your life considering getting them a rocking kneeling chair for them to do their late night cram sessions in.


Our chairs are really ideal for any sort of desk job. Whether you are an accountant crunching numbers, or a librarian sorting books, a receptionist scheduling appointments, a lawyer drafting briefs at a big law firm, a police filing reports at a precinct, an editor creating content, a teacher grading papers and anything and everything in between, these chairs are designed to help facilitate you doing your best work and efficiently and easily as possible.


Our kneeling chairs are often found in the home offices, rehearsal halls, dressing rooms or studios of creatives. If you practice the Alexander Technique you know the importance of a strong, upright posture. If you’re writing a novel you understand the stress long hours of creative flow can have on the body. If you’re a musician then you appreciate a chair that helps you find that perfect posture.


Work can sometimes feel tedious and never-ending. This is made even worse when your experiencing aches and pains. These seemingly small aches and pains can quickly develop into bigger more detrimental injuries that can force us to have to take time away from work, and no one wants that.


Putting work aside for a minute, there’s plenty of other ways for these kneeling chairs to be used. If you’re an avid crafter, knitter, rug hooker or quilter, if you spend a lot of time on the computer at home, or maybe you spend hours strategizing over a chess board, or perhaps you can often be found in a workshop building. Whatever it is you love to do, we encourage you to try doing it while kneeling. We bet you’ll find yourself enjoying yourself even more!


We believe in being proactive and taking care of our bodies before we find ourselves in a predicament. A kneeling chair could be the answer to solving a lot of workplace injuries caused by prolonged sitting. Pinched nerves, thatched vertebrates, carpal tunnel.


We love hearing how our customers are using our chairs. If you use one of our chairs we’d love to find out what sort of cool things you cook up while sitting it. Leave us a comment below!

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