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Walk That Walk: Sleekform's Tips On Improving Your Standing Posture.

We talk a lot of talk about how to improve your posture while you’re sitting, but we don’t want you to solely focus on that. Posture is not something you use for only a portion of the day, it’s something you take with you wherever you go, which is why we compiled this list of our top 5 tips for improving your posture while you walk and stand.

1: Find Your Center

Keep your chin level with the ground, your shoulders back, and your core engaged. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart, the same stance you would use for working out then lift your arms above your head and release them down to your side. Do you feel that? That’s where your shoulders should always be.

As you stand tall, imagine the string is coming from the top of your head going towards the sky pulling you upwards. Keep your lower back inline, and don't move to your tiptoes. You neck should feel loose, sort of like you’re a bobble head. Wobble your head around the loosen up.

Visualization techniques like this one can guide your sense of the proper position you should be in.

2: Get Your Back Up Against That Wall.

Stand with your back against a door or wall. Gently touch the back of your head, your shoulders, and your butt against the wall. Your heels should be 2 to 4 inches away from the wall. Slide your hand behind your back to check for space.

You should be able to slide your hand behind your back but only by a little bit. If you have more space than that, pull your bellybutton back towards your spine, engaging your core to help flatten your back a little.

  • If you can't slide your hand behind your back, arch your back so that you can.
  • Try to hold this position as you move away from the wall, rechecking as needed.

3: X Marks The Spot.

Make an "X" from your shoulders to your hips. Add a straight line of tape across your shoulders closing the top of the X. Wear this during the day to help retrain your back.

  • This technique works really well if you hold your shoulders back before taping.
  • Use a tape meant for skin, such as a medical tape.
  • Instead of tape, you can buy a posture corrector online.

4: It's A Balancing Act.

Imagining an object sitting on your head will help you keep your head up and your back straight. If you're having trouble imagining it, try a real book for a few minutes.

Have a good standing posture while moving. Walking with good posture is simply an extension of standing with good posture. Keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out, and eyes looking straight ahead while you walk.

You’ll be surprised how this will quickly not only feel good physically but what it will do to improve your self perception. You’ll be literally walkin’ the walk.

5: Shoes!

Choose shoes that have ample padding to help you hold yourself upright. In addition, make sure they have good arch support. Good posture starts with your feet.

Avoid shoes with high heels (ladies, we know, but sometimes comfort wins), as they can change your body's alignment.

If you're standing for long periods, add padding to the floor for additional comfort.


Do you have any tips or tricks to improving your posture?

Let us know in the comments, or as always send us an email at hello@sleekform.com



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