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Shop Like A Posture Expert: Our Top Product Ergo Accessories.

We’ve said it before and you and best believe we are saying it again today- one small ergonomic change will not cure you of all your discomfort. Our chairs are not a cure-all, but they are a great tool to help you get there- keyword being TOOL. If we look at our posture as an on-going project we are going to need a variety of different tools to help us out. Many hands make light work, as they say. 

Obviously at the top of our list of ergonomic tools we love and are obsessed with is the kneeling chair (specifically a Sleekform, duh). If you still don’t understand the reason we all should be adding the kneeling chair to our workspaces, please we beg of you to click HERE and read all about the benefits of the kneeling chair (and then come back here and finish reading this, it’s full of good information nuggets.). 


We are not one of those blogs who gets cool things sent us to try and then review (although we aren’t opposed to presents- wink wink) but we are savvy consumers who have our all-time favorite ride or die products that we use to keep our lives ergonomic and our bodies happy every day.

This week we dedicated our blog to compiling a list of our must-have products for living an ergonomic life- not just for work but for travel and rest- the battle for achieving perfect posture never stops! 

Sleekform’s Favorite Laptop Stand:

If you are experiencing discomfort or have developed an injury while seated the best way to make an immediate change is to change the way you’re sitting. This, of course, means the chair you’re using but have you ever considered how much damage your desk set up my be doing to your posture. 

If you work mostly from a laptop, odds are you’re hunching and scrunching while trying to get your work done. No matter how ergonomic your chair is it won’t be able to save you from habits like this. The key to solving this problem and avoiding becoming the 21st century Quasimodo is to get your laptop up off the desk and into a higher position so you can look straight ahead. This is an easy fix with the help of a laptop stand!

There are many different laptop stands on the market but our long-time, across the board company favorite, is the Roost laptop stand.

Our whole company moves around a lot so each of us loves how the Roost folds up easily and fits in our kits. It’s also height-adjustable which makes it great for any chair/table combination and it also fit most laptops. It’s very simple and intuitive to set up and really lightweight so if you’re like us and move your workspace it won’t cause any inconvenience.  It's also strong and sturdy enough to trust it with your beloved (and expense) computer and durable have it work for you for years. The cherry on top is that you can buy in on Amazon which means free two-day delivery and we live for that sort of efficiency and service. 

Sleekform’s Favorite Keyboard + Track Pad

If you're going to commit to going FULL ergo and using a laptop stand you’re going to need to invest in a wireless keyboard and trackpad/ mouse or else all the ergonomic magic the laptop stand offers will be gone and you’ll wind up giving yourself a nasty case of carpal tunnel really quickly. 

There are lots of discount versions of Bluetooth keyboards and trackpads on the market, but when it comes to your work set up we recommend biting the bullet and spending a bit of extra cash on a product that will last, or at least comes with a good warranty (and if you’re self-employed you can write it off as a business expense on your taxes!)

We use Macbooks at Sleekform so we use the Apple keyboards and trackpads because of their easy compatibility and quality. 

Not only are the Apple accessories quality products you know you can trust but they also are lightweight and thin enough to easily pack up with our Roost stand. It’s important for us to be mobile and to be able to travel and pack up as minimally as possible, so we love these accessories for their simplicity and packability.

Also, they match and we love a matching set of anything. 

Sleekform’s Favourite Mattress.

Sleekform is an advocate for a good night's sleep. We are all about living our lives in a way that allows us to be productive because when we are productive and accomplished it makes us feel happy and therefore diminishes detrimental stress levels that make us unhappy and sick. In order to do our best work, we need to be rested and so obviously we need a good bed. 

We don’t have a brand loyalty opinion on this but each of us at Sleekform are LIVING for foam mattresses. We’ve said goodbye to the old fashioned spring mattresses and opted for the mattress in a box- and not just because it’s trendy. 

We were slightly skeptical at first, mostly because it seemed like it was such a fad, but we all share the same opinion about them-- they rock. They are quick and easy to set up when you first get them delivered which is great. It’s doubly great that you don’t need a box spring because those are a pain, but what we love the most about them is how good they treat our backs. 

They are the perfect amount of firm and cozy, and if you do happen to toss and turn throughout the night whoever is next to you will have literally no idea you’re moving. Foam mattresses are supportive and conform to your shape which makes them ideal for a wide range of people and body types. Our favorite thing about them is that because they are having such a *moment* you can find a really great mattress for a steal! 

Tuft and Needle, Casper, and Purple are all brands we trust and love! Do you have a foam mattress from a box? What brand is your jam? Drop it in the comments! 

Sleekform’s Favorite Back-Packs

This is a HOT topic within team Sleekform. We all carry backpacks and keep a mobile workspace so it’s important to us that we have a safe and healthy vehicle to lug our work kits around with us wherever we need. 

Big boss Liz has OPINIONS on this. When I asked her what her favorite backpack was she responded right away with:

“Well, for what purpose?” 

She’s got a pack for every occasion! Her tip for a day pack that you would take back and forth between your workspace and home is to make sure it’s as light as possible. She rocks a cute leather backpack from Leatherology for short commutes back and forth to her local WeWork. She admits it’s not the most ergonomically sound choice, but sometimes vanity wins! She likes this bag because it fits all her stuff perfectly and because it’s so lightweight it keeps her back happy. 

For more long-distance traveling Liz goes Osprey Farpoint all the way. Her biggest tip when it comes to shopping for a travel pack is to make sure it has a waist strap to help take some of the strain off your back. Liz has traveled to over 40 countries in the last 4 years and has carried to work set up to each of those, so this is pretty legit advice. 

For me? I’m a Hershel girl. I’ve had the same olive green Hershel backpack since 2016- it’s traveled around the world with me and has survived so many moves I’ve lost count. I’ve abused it- stuffing it to its absolute max capacity and the zippers and straps look exactly the way they did the day I picked it off the sale rack at the department store. It’s lightweight and durable and puts up with all my nonsense. 

Ergonomics doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be consistent. While you work, while you walk and while you sleep. If you set yourself up for success and gift yourself the tools for a living an ergonomic life, you’re guaranteed to see results in posture improvement, upper and lower back pain, and all over tension. 

What are some of your favorite ergonomic accessories? Do you have any ride or die brands? Let us know what your must-haves are in the comments below!  

Here’s our quick and dirty sum up list for your shopping convenience: 

~Roost Laptop Stand
~Hershel Backpack
~Leatherology Leather Back Pack

~Osprey Travel Back Pack 

~Tuft and Needle Foam Mattress

~ Apple Wireless Keyboard

~Apple Wireless Track Pad 

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