Our Favorite Ways To Keep Active In Isolation (And How To Keep It Fun!)

Life has gotten a whole lot more sedentary, hasn’t it?! 

When the Coronavirus hit the area where I live, the first things to close were the gyms. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a gym rat but it was always the way I started my day. I would roll out of bed, throw on some mismatched activewear, trudge the few blocks to my local gym, and get a workout in before starting my day. Whether you’re a morning or night workout fan, a jogger/walker, or someone who relied on the walk to work or climbing the stairs of your office to get your steps in- whatever it was you did before, you probably feel a loss now.  Suddenly how and where you could fit that exercise into your day became unknown. 

At the beginning of this time in isolation, a lot of us were struggling with the lack of structure in our day. There’s a fairly good chance that many of us are still grappling with the new way of life or at least still working on finding a routine that works for us. 

 As a society, we’ve been experiencing the repercussions of a sedentary lifestyle for decades but these risks have become heightened in light of the new restrictions we’re facing. A few of the things we’re at risk for when we don’t move enough are: 

  • Back pain, body aches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure 

Staying active is not only essential for a healthy body, but it can also help us regulate our emotions, sleep better, and improve our focus-- things I think we are all struggling with right now. It is such a challenge now with the limited space inside our homes, gyms being closed, and a lot of cities closing parks and trails in an attempt to keep people from gathering. It’s been next to impossible to keep the same level of activity that we were accustomed to… but what we can do is get creative!

Here are our favorite ways to get moving and grooving during the pandemic.

1- Do Something That Makes You HAPPY!

Sometimes workouts can be a drag and require a lot of mental preparation in order to actually get up and do it. We’ve all sort of maxed out our bandwidth of dread these days. Make sure however it is you decide to move your body it sparks joy in you. Now is the time to prioritize making space for your wants and needs so if you’d rather go for a walk than a run- then do the walk! If you want to do a slow restorative stretch instead of a HIIT workout- stretch away, baby! Maybe all you have in you today is a hot bath- whatever it is you’re feeling, honor your desires. 

2- Keep It Simple

Don’t get bogged down thinking that you need a bunch of elaborate equipment or pre-existing knowledge to do a workout. There are a ton of resources online for demonstrating easy, equipment-free workouts. 



3- Tune In To A Live Stream

There are so many gyms and yoga/pilates studios offering daily free Instagram live streams leading all kinds of various workouts. If you need something to help keep you accountable or push you a little more, these are awesome. Perhaps you just want someone else to take the lead on this part of your day.  Not only do these classes happen at the same time every day, offering you a bit of structure, but having a trainer count you down or laying out how many reps can be super helpful! I’ve seen yoga studios offering everything from power flows to a guided meditation. Pick your poison!  Choose your adventure! Here are a few gyms we love who have been offering awesome daily live streams:

4- Get Your Dance On

Not in the mood for a workout but need to burn off some steam? Are your kids not allowing you the time to squeeze in a quick burn? Get the whole family moving and turn on a fun upbeat playlist and dance around the house! An easy way to keep the kids engaged is by turning it into a game of freeze dance! Turn off the music and everybody FREEZE! 


5- Get Outside

Whatever it is you decide to do to get in a bit of physical activity, try to do it outside! Vitamin D and fresh air will do wonders to improve your mood and energy levels. 

I’ve been using this time to practice patience with myself and really trying to listen to my body. It can be so easy to get stuck in a routine that is no longer serving you. The silver lining of this whole mess is that we’ve been forced to switch everything up. This comes with plenty of challenges, but also with an opportunity to try new things (within the confines of our homes). What’s important is that you keep moving and keep caring for yourself as best you can. How you do it, is completely up to you.  You do you, kid!

How have you been keeping active during your time in isolation? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment or send us an email at hello@sleekform.com

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