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Kneeling Chairs: Nothing to Be Intimidated By.

“How does it work?” people ask as they tilt their head from side to side as if perhaps it’s upside down.


Someone once asked, “Is it for exercise?”



“How do you get into it?” they say, scrunching up their nose as if it’s something you might need a lengthy instruction manual for.



“Go ahead!” I say. “Try it. How do you think it works?”



Time and time again friends and family skeptically climb into my rocking kneeling chair. There’s always a moment of brief hesitation. You can see just a glimmer of fear in their eyes.



“What if I fall over?” I what I imagine they think in those quick moments.



Time and time again they sit on it correctly on the first try.



“Ahh!” they say as they begin to cautiously rock back and forth, adjusting their posture, looking up at the ceiling as they assess what the chair is doing for their bodies- sussing out how it’s making their back feel. You can see them silently comparing it to the chair they spend most of their time in.



“Wow!” they exclaim “This is actually really nice!”



We get it- it doesn’t look like your typical chair, but trust us- there is nothing to be intimidated by (and don’t worry, you’re not going to fall out of it!).



A lot of people’s first question is  “How am I supposed to get into it?” and the truth of the matter is, there is no right or wrong way to do it. The only rule is that you do it in whatever way you feel stable and secure. It may feel a bit awkward and clumsy the first couple of times, but after a few tries, it’ll feel as natural as sitting down into any other chair.



Another thing that’s important to note is that as it’s going to be just as big of an adjustment for your body as it is for your mind.



If you plan on completely replacing your current office chair with a new ergonomic chair,



#1- Good for you! You’ve made a great, healthy choice for you and your spine and you are going to see and feel the benefits almost immediately. You’re also about to be the talk of the office!



#2- Don’t be surprised if you experience some shin and back muscle tenderness at first. This is very normal and won’t last long.



I like to compare it to when you get a good massage.



The day after you visit your RMT you will likely be sore and need an Epsom salt bath, but it, in the long run, you’re going to feel so much better. What you’re feeling is just your body realigning. You’re going to be using muscles that have gone ignored for… well… ever. Your spine is in a fresh new position, the muscles are adapting to that change.



As for your shins and knees, it’s true, they may feel a little bruised after your first extended period in the chair but remember that this is to be expected and it won’t last long.



Just like when you do a new workout, the next day you’re going feel it no matter how in shape you might be. You’ll always know the next day if you’ve been activating muscles that don’t normally get much attention



We recommend starting slowly and working your way up. Start by spending an hour or so in the kneeling chair and gradually increase the time you spend in it over a week, or however long it takes for your body to get fully accustomed. Again, there are no rules on how to properly enjoy your chair-- the important thing is that you enjoy it.



Another piece of advice is to try and keep your old chair handy for at least the first week of adjusting to a full time kneeling chair, if possible. It’s best to play it safe just in case you find yourself getting distracted by the changes your body is going to through. The whole point of upgrading to a new chair is to increase your productivity and focus during the day, so there’s no need to ruin that by rushing into things.



Speaking of workplace distractions- another thing you ought to be prepared for is to the fact that you’re about to have a lot more conversations with your co-workers when you first introduce your new kneeling chair to the office. People will stop and ask you about it, and they are likely going to want to try it out for themselves. (You’ll get a lot of practice climbing in and out of the chair this way.) Don’t be overly surprised if you wind up becoming the trendsetter in the office and beginning a chain reaction of posture conscious co-workers and employees.



One thing we all have in common with each other is that we all sit. A lot. Most of us spend the majority of the day sitting, and we have all experienced aches and pains throughout the workday. If there’s nothing else to talk about we can always commiserate together on the shared experience of sitting on an uncomfortable chair or stool. Most of us don’t realize how much we wish we had a solution to this problem until the solution is placed in front of us.



We tend to feel initially intimidated by things we don’t quite understand or recognize as ‘normal’, which is a very...well...normal reaction.



“It doesn’t look like a chair, so I don’t know how to use it” is almost everyone’s first thought when presented with a kneeling chair. Their second thought is “Can I try it? Please!”. There is an instant curiosity… an instant secret hope that it will be the solution they’ve been secretly pining for.



Time and time again we’ve watched people go through this thought process, and time and time again we’ve gotten the same reaction from people. The initial curiosity is matched with an equal skepticism of the chair. Unsure how it works and a little afraid of looking silly while trying to sit on it is quickly overpowered by their urge for a solution for their workplace ailments.



We are proud to be able to offer people a practical and simple solution for their workplace ailments. We are strong believers that if we’re going to spend the majority of our days working, we should be enjoying those hours. We also believe in being productive and focused so we can get our done more efficiently so we can get back out into the world doing spending time with the people we love doing the things that bring us joy.



Our chairs may be a bit out of the box, but we urge you to take a chance. You’re creative, you’re innovative, so shouldn’t you workspace be too?



Just like our chairs, we’ve got your back.


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