Holiday Gift Guides #3: Gift Guides for the Remote Worker in Your Life

A few years ago, remote work and working from home was a bit of an anomaly. Still, now, with more and more companies operating exclusively online and technology continually improving, more and more people are working from home… or working from wherever really! 


If you don’t work from home yourself but have someone on your list who does, it could be challenging to know what it is their missing in their day to day lives. There are so many pros to working remotely, but there are certain perks to working in an office that you don’t miss until you don’t have them anymore! We are going to help to shed some light on what it is remote workers crave. So you can give a thoughtful and useful gift this holiday season! 


Here are our top five gift picks for the remote worker in your life! 



For Their Desktop


Obviously, the first thing on our list is something ergonomic! Did you forget who you were talking to?!


We have been obsessed with the Roost laptop stand for years. It is perfect for anyone who uses a laptop- whether you always work from the same space or if you travel and switch it up every day, you’ll be grateful to have this in your life. 


The Roost brings the laptop up to you, so you don’t have to hunch and sacrifice your head, neck, back relationship. Looking down all the time can be incredibly detrimental to your health. That little bit of stiffness you’re feeling today from a long day of work can quickly develop into chronic pain. 


For die-hard laptop users, The Roost is truly a must-have. It’s lightweight and easily folds up so you can transport it to and from coffee shops, co-working spaces, and everywhere in between. It allows you to bring ergonomics with you on the go-- and may we be so bold as to say it pairs really nicely with a kneeling chair? ;)



For Their Dress Code:


Okay- so the major perk of working from home, in my opinion, is the fact that you can wear whatever you want. My dress code is “the cozier, the better.” If you’re shopping for someone who works from home, you will make their holidays shiny and bright if you gift them a gorgeous, cozy warm new pair of SLIPPERS! 


My favorites are the Glerups. They are so cute and warm and come in so many different styles and colors. They have backless, shoe, and boot versions. They are made of 100% natural wool felt and come with a high rubber sole that gives you support throughout the day, almost like wearing a shoe… only cozier! 


For Their Zen:



Working from home sounds like a dream- and most of the time, it is. Still, sometimes, you end up bringing all the stress of a particularly draining workday into your home, which can be exhausting. Our homes should be safe, comfortable spaces, so if it’s starting to be associated with stress and anxiety, that can become a problem. 


Creating a relaxing, positive, and calm atmosphere is very important. A great way to trigger calming thoughts is through the sense of smell. As a way to purify the air and create a welcoming atmosphere for ourselves and our guests, we’ve started using Saje diffusers and essential oils. 


A diffuser is a great way to humidify a room and release a relaxing, gentle scent with the oils of your choice. It can turn a stressful day in your home office to a relaxing night in your living room. It’s a luxurious, generous, thoughtful gift for anyone- but especially those who spend a lot of time at home, like remote workers!


For Their Morning Kick! 

If you work at any self-respecting office, they provide you with a coffee station to help keep you motivated, energized, and well… happy. 


When you work from home, it’s up to you to provide yourself with that sweet, sweet cuppa morning joe, and that can get monotonous! A simple but always appreciate gift is a bag of excellent coffee or even a gift card to a local coffee shop! 


Sometimes you just want to get out of the house for a few hours, so a gift card to a neighborhood cafe would always be welcome to anyone who works from home! If you’re in Austin, our favorite spot for a pick me up is Caffe Medici- and they have six locations, which makes it easy to get fuelled up from anywhere! 


Coffee and gift cards to cafes are the PERFECT stocking stuffer- you really can’t go wrong. 


For Their Wellness:


Working from home can make it tricky for the work/life balancing act; we all should be trying to maintain. It’s not always easy to walk away at the end of the day, and you quite literally bring your work home with you. 


Over the last number of years of working from home, we’ve found it helpful to create an end of the day ritual to mark the end of working and the beginning of home and family time. A part of that ritual includes a few minutes of meditation. We sign off from slack, close our computers, and turn on our Calm app for some guided meditation.


If you’re not familiar, Calm is a paid app that walks you through some charming meditative practices. The best part? Subscriptions are giftable! There so many different uses for the app, whether it’s getting more/better sleep, reducing anxiety, lowering stress, and increasing overall happiness! 


We couldn’t think of a better gift than that! 


There you have it! Another gift guide in the can and another week closer to Christmas! We hope this got your wheels turning and have made your holiday gift shopping process a little simpler! 


Happy Holidays from everyone at Sleekform!


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