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Holiday Gift Guide #2: Gifts for the Entrepreneur in Your Life.

Jingle, jingle, jingle! 


Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday crunch time is officially upon us. We're continuing our weekly gift guide this week with a selection of gifts for the entrepreneur in your life. If you missed our guide on shopping locally from female-owned businesses in Austin, click here to check it out! 


We all have one in our lives (or perhaps you are one). You know the type… the up before dawn, working until midnight self-made hustler. The person who grinds and puts their all into their business. We LOVE entrepreneurs and want to make sure this holiday season we show them our appreciation for their work ethic! Nothing says, "keep up the good work" like a thoughtful and useful gift. That being said... is it just us, or are entrepreneurs specifically challenging to buy for in general? 


We've done the research for you this holiday season. Here are our top five gifts for the entrepreneurs in your life:



For Their Office: Ergonofis Sit/Stand Desk:

If you really want to splurge on the entrepreneur/ office worker in your life, may we recommend the Ergonofis sit-stand desk? These desks are the Cadillacs of the ergonomic office world- they are what we dream of at night. 


These desks come in a variety of high-end materials from solid live edge wood (swooooon) to their fancy micro-bacterial, soft-touch Shift desk. They are all Canadian made and designed, and we have been following them religiously for the last few months. 


If you're not familiar with what a sit/ stand desk is… the name really says it all. It's a fully adjustable desk that allows you to change the height it's at so you can choose to either sit or stand. There are cheaper, manual adjustment ones out there (shout out to you Ikea), but Ergonofis is the luxury with a programmable, motorized adjustment.  


We understand this is a bit of a pricey gift- but if you're able to make this investment (they even have payment plans available), we wholeheartedly encourage it -- we also feel it's worth mentioning that a kneeling chair is a perfect companion to a sit/stand desk... perhaps an Austin


For Their Bedside: Reading Material.

Something entrepreneurs may not tell you…. they're making it up as they go a lot of the time. When you're starting and running your own business, so many things can happen in a day that no one could ever prepare you for. When we began Sleekform, we made sure to dedicate time in the day for reading things that we hoped would eventually offset all of the unpredictabilities life throws at us. 


My favorite book on being an entrepreneur that I've read lately is The Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your Sh*t Together: How to Run Your Business Without Letting it Run You by my friends Sherry and Rob Walling. This is an epic book because Sherry and Rob have both seen so much in their times of entrepreneurism and we get to peer into Sherry’s mind a bit (who is a clinical psychologist) to figure out how to keep it together.  Because #realtalk being an entrepreneur is a hard and lonely road. And they do not sugar coat it for you. They know because they have seen it, heard it or lived it. This is a real book giving you real raw lessons and concrete ideas to help you.  Help you be better, think better, juggle everything, identify triggers and work through roadblocks.  


Another thing I try to read weekly is The Economist. It keeps me up to date on the on-going trade wars with the US and China and any other relevant info I might need to know. I love this because I am an economics lover.  I love knowing what other countries are up to, what crazy shenanigans are happening, how countries interact with each other, etc.  I am also an avid traveller and I always deep dive into a country’s history prior to arrival or during my trip. I end up googling way too many things to understand some background and how they got to today.  By reading The Economist weekly I stay up to date on all things happening in the current day, which is a fun addition to my brain’s knowledge of the history of the country/city/culture. Also if you hang out with me on a vacation to a foreign culture I will bore you with history lessons and what the current debates are that I have read about.  Proud econ and history nerd right here.


In my opinion, a magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving all year! Who doesn't love mail! Who doesn't love access to information! Any of the big business players (Economist, Forbes, INC, etc) or there may even be a super niche publication out there that really relates to their business! Get creative! You can't ever go wrong, giving reading material as a gift. 

For Their Sanity: Happy Light

We all know that person who is up and working at dawn and stays up long past midnight hitting the grind. Also, it's not that hard to be up before the sun and eating dinner in the pitch black this time of year, no matter your lifestyle. We just discovered the Virulex Happy Light this year…. And you know what? This is the perfect gift for everyone… not only entrepreneurs.


We know it's a bit of cliche to say a material object has "changed our lives"… but it may very well apply to this lamp. It's like magic… or actually, maybe it's just science… but whatever it is, we love it, and we can't get enough. It is an LED, UV-free full spectrum light with three brightness settings. It's super sleek and kind of looks just like an Ipad on a stand on your desk. 


If you or someone you're shopping for this season find these darker days hard on your motivation, focus, and overall morale, we SUPER recommend this lamp. It's 100% worth the small investment. We are buying a Happy Light for every person on our list this year.


 If we all had a happy lamp, I believe we could come close to accomplishing world peace. 


For Their Generosity: A Donation in their name.

Shopping for an entrepreneur who's got everything? Pick a charity and donate on their behalf! 

Pencils for Promise is our personal favorite charity. Pencils of Promise a non-profit organization that builds schools in some of the world's most vulnerable communities. 


Simply go to this PoP fundraising page, click on 'Donate' on the left-hand side of the page, and then complete the form to finalize your donation. 

In addition to choosing any amount you want, you can also dedicate your donation to someone! You could very well be helping to build a school that will educate the next big CEO who will end up changing the world! In the very least, you'll be helping to grant children access to a quality education that they may not have had otherwise- and that is worth it. 

Maybe you already have a charity in mind or a cause that is more specific to your interests- that's amazing! Donating to any charity on behalf of someone else is an entirely selfless act and a great way to totally win the holidays this year. No line ups or fighting your way through the mall. 

Winner winner, turkey dinner! 


There you have it- our top five gifts for the entrepreneur in your life this holiday season. We hope we've made your holiday planning a bit easier! We’ve got a ton more stuff planned for the upcoming weeks so make sure to keep your eyes on this space for much more holidays gift-giving goodness! 


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