Sitting Is The New Smoking.– Sleekform Furniture

Sitting Is The New Smoking.

It’s really no secret that our bodies were built to move, and not sit stagnant like a sloth bent over a computer all day long.

It’s been proven time and time again how detrimental sitting can be to your overall health. The saying “Sitting is the new smoking” is no joke.

Did you know, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, Work-related musculoskeletal disorders caused by repetitive movements, sitting in awkward positions or straining neck to look at a computer screen and static postures and lack of breaks account for more than $15 billion in workers’ compensation costs?

It’s also been proven time and time again that society doesn’t move forward unless we sit down and get some work done…. so what can we do!?!?

Cue Sleekform!

Imagine this: Taking all your body’s desires to romp and scoot around all day and channelling it into productive soothing movement. Treating ourselves to a little bit of rhythmic movement throughout the day helps keep us focused and calm, not to mention all the health benefits that come with frequent movement.

The team at Sleekform lives by the motto “The best posture is the next posture”- being able to constantly switch it up is HUGE for us. With our Austin chair there’s no rules to how you sit- if you’re craving a new position, just move your weight onto your shins, take one or both knees out, rock with one foot, or even sit on it backwards.  Whichever way you feel the most comfortable is best…. pretty radical, we know...

We created our Austin Chair with the intention of finding a beautiful happy medium. A tool to help you keep your core engaged, experience some movement throughout the day while you sit and crush your to-do lists.

The curved wooden frame of The Austin ensures that the chair is always following your body’s natural movement keeping your muscles stimulated and reducing the negative effects of static sitting.

Combine all of this with the tilted seat to achieve that natural S shape your back so desperately wants, your body will flow throughout the day finding concentration while you move and work.


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